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It’s one thing to have current, reliable business information and put it into the hands of the people who need it. It’s quite another to do it in a way that’s easy for them to overview at-a-glance and interpret the results using their preferred device, gain actionable insights from them, and put those insights into action – quickly.

That’s exactly what IFS Applications 9announced today at the IFS World conference in Boston – is designed to help you achieve with the new IFS Lobby.

An enterprise suite like IFS Applications has thousands of screens, and someone in a given role in your company will need to access data and functionality on quite a few of them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this on the least numbers of separate screens possible? You can with IFS Lobby.

Think of IFS Lobby like the lobby of a well-run high-end hotel with a front desk, concierge, information and ways to get to other parts of the building from a central location. This is the place you start out, a place to meet and find all the information you need for your visit, or, in our case, for your work day in IFS Applications.

Sure, role-based interfaces are nothing new today. Yet there are three things that I believe are revolutionary about IFS Lobby:

  1. The focus on operational roles and processes (in addition to the managerial)
  2. You can take the lobby with you to any device, so that everybody can access it at-a-glance just like most of us can access our calendars and inbox from any device today.
  3. The high degree of configurability means existing lobbies can be adapted, or new ones created, by the customer without the need for developer skills and without the need to do a system deployment to apply the change.

That last point is especially important as this feature of IFS Applications 9 accommodates the unique nature of business roles in a company, increases operational agility, and results in higher user engagement and productivity with IFS Applications.

That’s certainly what some of our early-adopter customers had to say when they used IFS Applications 9 during the early adopter program. Indeed, much of the highly-positive feedback we heard during development was about IFS Lobby.

Comments like these:

“IFS Lobby is very important because it makes it possible for us to get a good overview for the different roles in the company, and deliver tasks and information directly and quickly to those who need them.” Joakim Stolt, CIO, Beijer Electronics.

“We see a big benefit to different user groups, from senior executives to the shipping department and all departments in between. A couple of lobbies have already been created, and they look like a big time saver.” Sandy Sable, Operations Analyst, Spang & Company.

“We have built a Lobby for our key positions, and people working with it are quite happy. They can find their information on one page, and they can zoom in to where the information is detailed.” Jaco Putter, Manager of Applications & Information and Communication Technology, VBMS.

IFS Applications 9IFS Lobby offers you and your company a clear and tailored view of your business or situation as it relates to a role or process. It’s fully customizable and presents at-a-glance, actionable information relevant to each unique user.

The UI improvement makes IFS Applications 9 easier and faster to use, bringing users closer to their business, no matter whether accessed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

It’s another step towards experiencing true business agility.

There are a  number of documents and other content that discuss IFS Lobby and other enhanced and new features and functions in IFS Applications 9, all available for download.

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