Dan Matthews

Dan is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IFS R&D, with over 25 years experience of in driving strategic initiatives and teams within the technology, platform, and innovation areas. Dan is deeply engaged in all major technology initiatives for IFS Cloud, as well as acquisitions and product integration strategies. He has started and built multiple key teams in IFS including IFS Labs and IFS Demo Showroom. Dan has a passion and unique ability to understand customers’ realities, connecting those with product and technology strategies, all the way to detailed discussions with developers and architects.

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Samsung KNOX Android closer to Businesses

I am a firm believer that products should ship with the expected basic set of features out of the box. This is why I think Samsung’s decision announced to ship their KNOX solution to consumers is the right one. Needless to say IFS is backing Samsung’s KNOX initiative—we already have our first apps available in the KNOX app catalog, and more is to come.

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Surfacing after Microsoft’s WPC

Travelling back after a week with Microsoft and its worldwide partners in a balmy (no pun intended) Houston, Texas. What impression did the 14.000 or so attendees leave with?

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Come on Apple—NFC is Good for Business

For a couple of years Near Field Communications (NFC) has been pushed by Google and others as the next big thing for smartphones. There has been a lot said about the merits of consumer applications for NFC, including digital wallets and replacing some of Bluetooth. But what about applications in business—what role could NFC play there? Here at IFS we’ve been looking into just that.

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L’intelligence artificielle peut-elle jouer un rôle dans les applications métier ?

L’intelligence artificielle est un thème exploité depuis longtemps par le cinéma et la littérature. Si les questions d’ordre philosophique ou éthique que pose l’intelligence artificielle sont aussi passionnantes que fondamentales, l’objet de cet article se veut plus prosaïque : L’intelligence artificielle peut-elle avoir un rôle pertinent dans les applications métier utilisées chaque jour par les entreprises et leurs collaborateurs ?

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Windows 8 vs. iPad – It’s PC vs. Mac all over again
Old Machintosh computer

I have just returned from three months paternity leave, and I must say that in addition to enjoying time with my kids it has been quite refreshing to experience IT “out of business”. Rather than reading IT press, the last few months I have seen how the iPads and Windows 8 devices work in the hands of my kids, their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

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Windows 8 vs. iPad – ou PC vs. Mac : toute une histoire…
Old personal computer

Ces derniers mois, plutôt que de lire la presse informatique, j’ai pu observer la façon dont l’iPad et la tablette Windows 8 fonctionnait dans les mains de mes enfants, leurs cousins, tantes, oncles et grands-parents. C’était comme si je faisais un bond de 20 ans en arrière, au début des années 90 où le débat faisait rage entre Mac et “le bon vieux PC”. Maintenant, c’est iPad vs. Windows 8, et alors que l’iPad domine aujourd’hui le marché, à l’époque, le PC était la référence. Et la principale différence entre les deux systèmes est toujours la même.

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I, Robot – Can Artificial Intelligence Play a Role in Business Applications?

You have seen the Hollywood interpretations of artificial intelligence (AI). But what about AI in the real world? What about automating some of the decisions that we do manually in our businesses today? Or what about using AI to provide a better alternative to rule based processing which we use so much of in our business applications?

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3 Things I learned at the IFS World Conference 2012

One thing I always make sure to do a few days after is to spend a couple of hours reflecting on what the event actually meant to me, IFS, and our customers.

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Trust Us – Can’t do it Without You

My biggest takeaway from the day though had nothing to do with the questions asked, nor with the statements made by our competitors. Instead it was the opening presentation by Arild Saastad from Bertel O. Steen. What really stuck with me were the comments he made about how important it is for an ERP vendor to earn the trust of the organizations using their systems.

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Is Windows 8 Innovative?
Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

It is easy to dismiss Windows 8 as being nothing new—just an iPad (or Windows Phone) copy slammed into the same box as good old Windows 7—and therefore doomed to failure.

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Don’t Get too Excited about In-Memory Databases

There has been a lot of talk about in-memory databases in recent months. Recently the discussion has broadened with SAP trying to position their in-memory HANA database as a revolutionary replacement for traditional relational databases (RDBMS) – in particular arch enemy Oracle’s database.

Good time for a reality check.

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Be Agile When You Go Agile

There are two aspects of business travel, especially on the long haul flights, I still enjoy. One is the hours without any inflow of e-mails or other communication. The second is the chance encounter with an interesting person. On my way to IFS development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka the other week I ended up next to bald middle aged lady wearing a turban. This will make for an interesting few hours I thought, and sure it did.

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