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Imagine an enterprise application that combines ERP and CRM in a single package. No more using CRM as a separate application in a separate database with a non-consistent user experience. Instead, you’d have an ERP system with CRM functionality, and one less separate application to learn and maintain.

That picture perfectly illustrates what you get with IFS Applications 9, announced today at the IFS World Conference 2015 in Boston, and its embedded CRM capability.

With IFS Applications 9 and embedded CRM, you get clear visibility into the CRM process from your back-office ERP solution – and vice versa.

It gives you:

  1. The structure and control of ERP together with a dynamic and extensible data model of CRM
  2. Access to all current and future framework features of IFS Applications

Here’s what you can expect, out of the box:

  • Single user interface – no need to log into your ERP and CRM systems separately to find the information you need to make the right decisions
  • The right information in real-time – in IFS Applications 9 CRM there is no need to integrate and synchronize data
  • Seamless workflow – manage your leads, prospects, opportunities, quotations, orders and more on one common process/client enabling a transparent Quote-to-Cash process.
  • Customer lifecycle management – it’s never been easier with all customer info at your fingertips for any sales oriented role within the company
  • Dynamic and extendable data model – use the new IFS Configuration & Extensibility component to extend the data model adding new fields , data sets or business rules
  • Access to other framework features – with CRM being a part of IFS Applications all current and future capabilities such as IFS Lobby, IFS BI, IFS Touch Apps, IFS Streams and much more are also available for CRM
  • IFS Product and Services Partners can more easily engage in projects in CRM, opening up a new world of opportunities

With embedded CRM, you get the best of both worlds in IFS Applications 9 that let you make not more decisions but the right decisions.

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