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Digital transformation can mean different things to different people, making it difficult to know when you have achieved it. However, the answer to this conundrum is that you will never achieve it since it’s constantly evolving.

To see what companies are thinking about today in regards to digital transformation and how it is currently being adopted globally, we conducted a survey with C-level decision-makers across multiple industries in 16 countries. The IFS digital change survey also highlighted the technologies causing the most disruption and how companies are managing these disruptions accordingly.

Survey highlights

The results of this survey showed some interesting results, both from a geographical aspect as well as from an industry perspective. The aviation and defense industry overall, for example, were leaders in the maturity of digital change, while the oil and gas industry were laggards. This can partly be explained by the current oil price that has resulted in many companies reducing investment and looking internally as to where savings can be made.

Common barriers preventing change

When it came to barriers standing in the way of digital change, one of the most surprising barriers was the reported “Aversion to Change,” which means that some companies may be resisting adoption of digital technologies. This is partly due to the perceived threat to peoples’ job roles since the common opinion on digital transformation involves automation which could replace manual tasks.

The survey also revealed which skills companies are looking for and it is interesting to see how many are looking internally for these skills as well. However, it is not all bad news. Many companies have already begun to adopt digital technologies and they are already making significant differences in their businesses, positively differentiating themselves in the market.

Complete survey results

There were more interesting responses to other questions in this survey, which give us a good view of the impact of digital transformation too. If you are interested in viewing the complete survey results and want to find out more about digital change and the impact that it can have on your business and industry, then you are more than welcome to join the webinar, “Unlocking the revolutionary benefits of digital change” where it will be discussed in more detail.

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    These transformations and digital changes are changing the trends for various business processes and supply chain strategies. Thanks for sharing above information.


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