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The Stats are in: Myopic Software Initiatives are Hindering Business Growth
Digital Transformation

Over a quarter (27 percent) of respondents report that being locked into a technology vendor has, or is, disrupting transformation…

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Digital business: 5 crucial factors when choosing a service provider
Digital Business

Digitalization is not only the indisputable future, but also the gateway to growth, longevity, and better business decisions. Why go…

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3 Areas of Digital Transformation Being Accelerated by COVID-19 for Service Organizations
covid-19 digital transformation

Many leading service organizations have been on a digital transformation journey for some time – those companies have been well-positioned…

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AI in Project Finance is there when you outgrow Excel
Project Finance in Construction

Project financial control is often complex, multi-dimensional and prone to the unexpected, then why do project controllers rely so heavily…

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Next-Generation AI Applications That Will Change the World of Field Service
next-generation ai

We’ve reached an important inflection when it comes to adoption of emerging tech for Digital Transformation. Use cases for Artificial…

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AI: A Cornerstone of Your Digital Transformation Strategy
AI: a Cornerstone of your Digital Transformation

When business leaders think about Artificial intelligence (AI), they usually do so in one of two ways. Either they think…

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What Factors Should Be Guiding Your Digital Transformation Journey?
What Factor should be guiding your digital transformation

It’s easy for an organization to decide to digitally transform their enterprise. They’ve bought into the buzzwords, read the research,…

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Don’t Overlook the Cultural Implications of Digital Transformation
Don't Overlook Cultural Implications of Digital Transformation

One of the most common mistakes that plagues organizations attempting to chart a path to true digital transformation is the…

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Help, robots will replace our jobs!

Well, at least I don’t believe that. They will definitely change the how we work or, even better, how we…

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The construction industry is changing fast
Construction Workers on Laptop

The engineering, construction and infrastructure (ECI) industry is facing huge challenges as it tries to deal with increasing demand to…

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How customer service is being digitally transformed
City Header

A recent study conducted by WBR indicates that the service industry is at an inflection point. Over the next 24…

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IIoT – Why is it not happening
Connected Phone header

Fifteen years ago, I was studying for a master’s degree in industrial automation at a technical university. We learned about…

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