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| | 2 minutes | Asset Intensive, Energy, Utilities & Resources, Mobility, Oil & Gas, Process Manufacturing, Service
5 Ways EAM Software Mobility & Usability Improve Plant Efficiency

In the asset-intensive industry, usability is becoming a subject of increasing priority. If we look back at the early days…

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| | 3 minutes | Aerospace & Defense, Asset Intensive, Service
War on Pirates: What is the role of IFS Applications?

Although you may not read about it every day, the war on pirates is an ongoing battle. NATO’s counter-piracy project, Operation…

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| | 2 minutes | Asset Intensive, Business Technology, Creativity & Innovation, Energy, Utilities & Resources
Augmenting Reality for Best Collaborative Service

  How do you solve complex asset maintenance issues on-site, without actually being on-site? And if the person with all the…

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| | 2 minutes | Asset Intensive, Energy, Utilities & Resources
How does IFS stay close to its energy and utility customers?

It has been 30 years or so since IFS got its start in the energy and utilities (E&U) industry. We…

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| | 4 minutes | Asset Intensive, Oil & Gas, Process Manufacturing, Strategy
Why Adopt ISO Standards for Asset Management? Here’s Why, and How.
ERP Podcast Series from IFS

ISO standards are a lot of things. Specifications for products and services. A third party stamp of approval for quality,…

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| | 2 minutes | Asset Intensive, Service
And the sooner you use enterprise software, the quicker the ROI!

Last week Martin Gunnarsson blogged that “Owning enterprise software doesn’t add value to your business; using it does.” How true…

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| | 2 minutes | Asset Intensive, Oil & Gas

There has always been a significant financial reward for high levels of equipment reliability in the oil and gas industry….

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| | 1 minute | Asset Intensive
A Simple Definition of RCM II

The concepts behind reliability centered maintenance (RCM) are about 40 years old, but there is a growing interest in RCM…

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| | 3 minutes | Asset Intensive, Oil & Gas, Service
The Most Under-appreciated Link in the Energy Value Chain?

Companies in the energy sector are getting a lot of attention these days. New and innovative technologies are making more…

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| | 3 minutes | Asset Intensive, Business Technology
Gartner Visionary Spot in Power Generation EAM – What does it mean?

IFS’ first customer was a nuclear power plant. And anyone who works for or is close to IFS will have…

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| | 4 minutes | Asset Intensive, Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure
Project Integration Key to Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Success

As the global energy sector reconsiders the place of nuclear in the power generation portfolio, all eyes ought to be…

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| | 1 minute | Asset Intensive, Service, Strategy
Podcast — Corporate Culture, RCM and EAM Software

According to maintenance and reliability guru Carlo Odoardi, the primary barrier to successful enterprise asset management (EAM) software and reliability…

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