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IFS World 2013: Services and Assets Breakout

IFS is offering ever-more sophisticated solutions for easy management of the whole asset lifecycle and work scheduling. Here’s an insight into what comes next.

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Are you ready for building information modeling (BIM)?

What do you need to know in order to be building information modeling (BIM) compliant? Do you need to invest…

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The Technology that Will Power the Energy Revolution

“The lamps are going out all over Europe,” said Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey as the UK stood on the…

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7 Steps to Optimizing Operational Capability

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is viewed as one of the key methods allowing maintenance engineers to do more with less at the same time as minimizing risk. RCM provides a greater understanding of the level of risk that an organization is currently managing, as well as supporting the establishment of capital maintenance regimes, thereby increasing cost effectiveness and equipment uptime. Implementing an RCM solution is not necessarily a complex or procedure – particularly if an organization follows seven easy steps…

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How Pulp and Paper Mills are Leaving Millions on the Table

When the industrial revolution came to the paper manufacturing industry in the early 1900’s no one could have envisioned how…

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Putting the ENTERPRISE in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

The mission of the Enterprise was to go where no one had gone before. Elements of any science fiction story…

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Come on Apple—NFC is Good for Business

For a couple of years Near Field Communications (NFC) has been pushed by Google and others as the next big thing for smartphones. There has been a lot said about the merits of consumer applications for NFC, including digital wallets and replacing some of Bluetooth. But what about applications in business—what role could NFC play there? Here at IFS we’ve been looking into just that.

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How Mobility Access Unlocks Business Benefits for Industrial Maintenance

How do you access enterprise software from mobile devices while doing maintenance work and other asset management activities?

It’s a question we recently asked executives at industrial companies with more than $50 million in annual revenue and have some involvement with enterprise software selection. We heard some surprising answers…

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