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Colin Beaney


Last week Martin Gunnarsson blogged that “Owning enterprise software doesn’t add value to your business; using it does.” How true that is, and by an amazing coincidence I was at the time attending a go live presentation in China from one of our power generation customers.

It was just over a year ago that a contract was made between IFS and SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co. The contract covered the implementation of the following IFS Applications components:

  • Financials including Fixed Assets
  • Budget Management
  • Maintenance including Permits and Isolation Orders
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain, Inventory & Purchasing
  • Fuel Management
  • Project Management
  • Health & Safety

The implementation was managed by our partner Beiming Software (BMS), who together with the customer established a formal project structure, defined clear and concise objectives and agreed to a phased implementation approach. They achieved an impressive full go live of all components within one year of kicking off the project. This is a fantastic achievement and one the customer, IFS China and BMS can be rightly proud. Everyone has done an excellent job, and the stage is now perfectly set for delving deeper into IFS Applications, monitoring key performance metrics and expanding the use of the modules implemented to greater effect.

It is not often the case that such a huge breadth of an enterprise asset management solution can be implemented in such a relatively short time frame. It requires clear focus on the goals, timescales, milestones and activities.

Which brings me to an even more remarkable element to this story. At the same time as implementing IFS the power station, one of the most modern in China, is being expanded with three new power blocks to be constructed in the near future. The plant has been awarded numerous awards for environmental, employee development, training, community involvement and health and safety.

There is clearly a large amount of development in China both on-going and planned, so the IFS Project Lifecycle Solution is very well positioned to assist customers maintain control over the on-going works and benefit even further from the cradle to grave approach to asset management.

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