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Getting personal with the right ERP system

For the discerning consumer, there are few things as off-putting as a retailer who doesn’t get them. Personalized advertising of…

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Mobility as the new core retail channel

Rumor has it that more smartphones are present in the world today than toothbrushes – a horrifying thought – and…

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The Potential of Wearable Technology in A&D

Any ‘new’ technology has to reduce complexity and workload for military and aviation operators. With the buzz around the release…

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The Beauty Lies in The Simplicity

This post shares a few examples of IFS Quick Reports created by the American company CDF.
The beauty of this solution lies in the simplicity when it comes to extract, present and share data in an easy way.

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The Making and Breaking of the Internet of Things
Industry 4.0

2014 will go down in history as the year when the Internet of Things (IoT) hype peaked. Thus the interesting question becomes what will happen next? Will IoT follow the usual pattern of a set-back due to overinflated expectations, only to return later as widely adopted part of our lives? Or will IoT be the exception that goes directly from hype to use?

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VSMC Reaps Rewards from IFS Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices and what they enable employees to do are a central part of the story of IFS customer VSMC and its deployment of a single uniform mobility solution across its international operations.

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UK Enterprise Mobility – The Current State of Play

Can the enterprise provide access to corporate data while retaining control over access from multiple devices, over some of which it has limited control? Is the ROI worth the effort and cost entailed in securing mobile access? And what are enterprises doing today to address these key issues? We asked 200 CIOs in the UK for their attitudes.

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Lowering the Cost of Defense: Performance-based logistics
performance based logistics solutions

In 2012 worldwide defence spending fell for the first time in a decade. The largest falls were in NATO nations – and there’s not much chance of that changing. Forces need to maintain their capability in that context. New equipment isn’t coming on stream, and thus older equipment is being use for longer – by necessity and design. What can technology do to help in this situation?

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Samsung KNOX Android closer to Businesses

I am a firm believer that products should ship with the expected basic set of features out of the box. This is why I think Samsung’s decision announced to ship their KNOX solution to consumers is the right one. Needless to say IFS is backing Samsung’s KNOX initiative—we already have our first apps available in the KNOX app catalog, and more is to come.

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Come on Apple—NFC is Good for Business

For a couple of years Near Field Communications (NFC) has been pushed by Google and others as the next big thing for smartphones. There has been a lot said about the merits of consumer applications for NFC, including digital wallets and replacing some of Bluetooth. But what about applications in business—what role could NFC play there? Here at IFS we’ve been looking into just that.

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How Mobility Access Unlocks Business Benefits for Industrial Maintenance

How do you access enterprise software from mobile devices while doing maintenance work and other asset management activities?

It’s a question we recently asked executives at industrial companies with more than $50 million in annual revenue and have some involvement with enterprise software selection. We heard some surprising answers…

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Windows 8 vs. iPad – It’s PC vs. Mac all over again
Old Machintosh computer

I have just returned from three months paternity leave, and I must say that in addition to enjoying time with my kids it has been quite refreshing to experience IT “out of business”. Rather than reading IT press, the last few months I have seen how the iPads and Windows 8 devices work in the hands of my kids, their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

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