I am the Global Industry Director at IFS for Asset Intensive, supporting industries like metal, pulp and paper and mining. I spend the majority of my time with customers helping them to realise business value using IFS Applications.

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5 Ways EAM Software Mobility & Usability Improve Plant Efficiency

In the asset-intensive industry, usability is becoming a subject of increasing priority. If we look back at the early days…

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How Pulp and Paper Mills are Leaving Millions on the Table

When the industrial revolution came to the paper manufacturing industry in the early 1900’s no one could have envisioned how…

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How Mobility Access Unlocks Business Benefits for Industrial Maintenance

How do you access enterprise software from mobile devices while doing maintenance work and other asset management activities?

It’s a question we recently asked executives at industrial companies with more than $50 million in annual revenue and have some involvement with enterprise software selection. We heard some surprising answers…

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