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Mobile devices and what they enable employees to do are a central part of the story of IFS customer VSMC and its deployment of a single uniform mobility solution across its international operations.

This case study describes how VSMC uses the IFS Notify Me Touch Apps family – the first IFS customer in the Benelux area to deploy these apps – that enable its project team members to carry out real-time cost reporting for seamless control of its projects, on-demand from wherever those team members happen to be and whenever they need to access, use and process data and critical information.

It means that VSMC can speed up approval processes on demand that can result in improved project cost control and higher customer service levels.

Founded in The Netherlands in 2007, VSMC was one of the first players in the offshore wind industry and is widely regarded as an expert in its field of offshore and onshore marine power cables installation. Today it’s the market leader with a 35 percent market share.

The case study illustrates three essential areas where IFS’ applications and mobility solutions play a strong supporting role in helping VSMC be the leader in its industry:

  1. VSMC needs one uniform system to support its international operations. As the company is working more globally, its international project teams need remote access to information for more effective project control, enabling those teams to access and use data and information to meet their multi-currency and multi-country requirements.
  2. VSMC project teams need more control due to larger projects. Project teams must be aware of the latest financial position of a given project. IFS Notify Me Touch Apps give VSMC the standardization of international projects that they require, providing better support for signed contracts and better control on project execution and procurement.
  3. VSMC needs faster financial reporting. Digital invoicing, standardization to safe time on financial reports, and a single source to reduce mistakes are the key requirements for more timely and accurate project execution.



Borg van Katwijk, VSMC’s Financial Director, believes that IFS’ mobility solution helps his company boost productivity and ensure that information in its central ERP system is up-to-date:

“When you have employees in many different geographies, it is very important that they register their hours and invoices on a daily basis. If you are running an ERP system without a mobile dimension, it is difficult to capture all relevant data as they occur. You need mobility solutions to get real-time control of your costs and hours. By using mobile devices out in the field, we get more accurate data related to our costs.”


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