| | 4 minutes | Business Agility
Trade, the UK, and the EU – days of disputes, months of uncertainty?

We may have left the EU on 31st January, but we haven’t left behind any of the confusion and uncertainty….

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| | 5 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, IFS Applications, Manufacturing
My fridge just told me that my pizza was on recall! Really?

Is blockchain the answer to total traceability and transparency? Traceability, recall, and risk Hardly a day goes by without another…

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| | 3 minutes | Business Technology, Transform Your Business
The 4 Big ERP Wins for Finance-Related Teams
ERP Software for Finance

A few weeks ago, IDC published a white paper*, “The Business Value of IFS Enterprise Application Solutions with Industry-Specific Use Cases.” Through in-depth interviews…

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| | 2 minutes | Automotive, Transform Your Business
How can technology drive success in automotive dealers?
technology in automotive

Is technology the key to succeeding in today’s automotive industry? And how can technology drive success in automotive dealers? To…

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| | 3 minutes | Transform Your Business
Ripping and replacing ERP for global human capital management
ERP Software for HR - Jane Keith

It won’t surprise you if I confess that I’m no technologist. Human Resources (HR) is definitely my passion. But when…

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| | 4 minutes | Business Agility, Creativity & Innovation, Transform Your Business
Business Lessons From Rugby Champions

Teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship: values of rugby teams, yes, but also values which should form the foundation of…

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| | 3 minutes | IFS Applications, Partner, Service
Q&A with IFS Partner: Levilo

This is the eighth in our series of conversations with members of the IFS partner community. For this installment of our…

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| | 3 minutes | Business Technology, IFS Applications, Manufacturing
It’s not the solution; it’s how you use it

Productivity in the UK has slowed and the future is uncertain for many businesses in the manufacturing sector. From attracting…

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| | 3 minutes | Business Technology, Digital Transformation, Finance
AI in Project Finance is there when you outgrow Excel
Project Finance in Construction

Project financial control is often complex, multi-dimensional and prone to the unexpected, then why do project controllers rely so heavily…

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| | 4 minutes | Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure
Why the UK is about to trounce the US in construction productivity
Construction Productivity

As a Scot myself, I don’t have the sense of bravado that an American might when it comes to the…

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| | 3 minutes | Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure
Choosing the right construction ERP partner is a critical decision
Construction ERP Partner

In my previous blog post, I highlighted how the industry is facing huge disruptive changes. In short, we need to…

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| | 3 minutes | Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure, Transform Your Business
Industry Tip: Integrated Construction Business Software is now a MUST HAVE
Industry Tip : Integrated Construction

The engineering, construction and infrastructure industry is facing huge disruptive changes. We are at an inflection point, and need wholesale…

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