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Business transformation consulting: Evergreen software and tailoring options

Ensuring an enterprise is running the latest version of software can mean the difference between market leadership and playing catch-up….

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Customer feedback, business transformation and achieving frictionless time to value

Feedback provides organizations with rich insight into what business changes should become a priority, and why. Tom Gregory, VP Customer…

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Voice of the Customer: the foundation to business transformation success

12 months after the acquisition of award-winning feedback platform, Customerville, the IFS team take a step back to review how…

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The Power of Community: Lessons Learned on the Future of Field Service 2022 Live Tour

Future of Field Service provides leaders across industries, and spanning geographies, both information and inspiration on how to differentiate their…

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Take Control of Infinite Possibilities: IFS World Conference 2016 opening keynote
Keynote featured image

Liveblog of CEO Alistair Sorbie’s keynote at IFS World Conference 2016 in Göthenberg, Sweden.

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