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IFS’s cloud ERP solution to help British inkjet pioneer digitize value chain and accelerate efficiency gains.

Inca Digital Printers Ltd, part of the SCREEN Graphic Solutions Group and one of the leading pioneers and manufacturers of flatbed inkjet printing technology, has selected IFS to replace legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems at its sites in the UK and in the US.

The move marks the start of the company’s phased approach to overhauling its technology stack and manual processes with one integrated solution that supports manufacturing, finance, service, customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), supply chain and project management. Inca will not only be optimizing efficiency across both sites, but it will be creating a single source of truth to inform and accelerate future growth.

Inca Digital Printers Ltd

In the US, Inca Digital Printers will integrate IFS’s service management capabilities with existing finance systems.

As new applications for its technology grow in popularity and help the company scale, Inca had outgrown its existing, homegrown systems. Rearchitecting themselves for future growth, they opted to implement a single solution across all sites that provides better visibility of their entire business and the joined-up approach needed to optimize existing processes. Once this first phase is complete, the company will leverage the full capabilities of IFS’s solution to drive further efficiencies and provide a strong foundation for continued growth.

“We chose the cloud ERP solution from IFS because of the consistency of service associated with the cloud and because of the breadth of functionality the product offers—as well as its suitability to project-based manufacturing,” Roger Hunter, Group Operations Director, EMEA at Inca Digital Printers said. “IFS is an important partner in our digital transformation journey, and we’re excited to explore the additional efficiencies we can leverage in a second phase.”

Inca Digital Printers Ltd

Our partnership with Inca Digital Printers represents yet another vote of confidence in our ability to collaborate with and create value for customers in the manufacturing sectors. With IFS’s full suite of ERP cloud solutions and the flexibility it allows, the Company will be fully equipped to reap the efficiency gains and insight discovery that digitization allows. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

Learn more about how IFS supports businesses in the manufacturing space on the IFS manufacturing page.

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