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In this series we’ve discussed the service buzzwords I believe deserve the most attention in 2018 and in my last blog we discussed cloud’s huge influence on successful service models. My goal throughout this series has been that you leave with an understanding how these key concepts can bring value to your customers and your organization.


Information flows fluidly throughout your organization so customers don’t have to repeat information and receive uninterrupted service. Seamless service prioritizes the customer relationship, creates a deeper understanding of customer issues and requires a customer-centric mindset throughout the organization.


The principles of IoT are simple: connect, collect, leverage and benefit. When you consider the increasing complexity of data in the world you can get a sense of how your organization can leverage IoT. There is a true need to leverage IoT in the service industry, so organizations can make sense of useful data to deliver a successful customer experience.


Cloud enables an organization to grow and scale, respond to cyclical service patterns and move to a more secure, safer environment. Cloud will help your organization adopt key service trends like IoT and augmented reality and expand your knowledge base. Cloud is also the great enabler of better collaboration, and better collaboration means better service delivery.


As customer expectations continue to increase, it becomes more and more important to deliver best-in-class service. Pulling mountains of data from machines, streamlining processes and using augmented reality to supplement a changing workforce and simplifying interactions with customers combines all three of our buzzwords. Seamless, IoT and cloud all revolve around a convergence of information and processes to provide a simple interaction model to create a superior customer experience.

In 2018 customers have high expectations. They expect you to know there will be a problem before there is a one. They expect high first-time fix rates and no disruption to business. Embrace the convergence and help your service organization continue to grow. To learn more about these three buzzwords check out the “3 Service Buzzwords Webinar” today!

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