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The survival and growth of a service organization are dependent upon its customer-focus and the right field service management software.

You know the age old saying, behind every great man is a great woman? The phrase itself is controversial, but it can be applied to field service if you think of it in the right context. In order to apply the right context, though, we need to drudge up another corporate cliché, “the customer is king.” While this statement, too, might be a bit controversial and disputed, it is also proving to be true in business these days. In fact, customers are indeed the cornerstone to business success, and service organizations that recognize this have a better chance at market share than the laggards.

So… back to our clichés. If the customer is king, and behind every great man (or king in this case) is a great woman, in our analogy, your field service management (FSM) software is the woman. How so? Well, your FSM software should power your service delivery. It should enable you to connect to your customer in the best, most effective ways possible. It should empower your technicians to provide service excellence and it should give your organization the essential real-time feedback needed to continue to delight. Does it?

Making the customer the focal point of any service organization is key to survival and growth. According to a Walker study, by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. So how do you ensure that your field service management is the queen to your customers?

1. Ensure your field service software capitalizes on every field service interaction

Does your FSM software allow you to connect with your customers in a transparent manner, allowing you to notify them of all relevant service information? Does it optimize your service delivery by conveniencing your customers with shorter appointment windows and faster service options? Your FSM solution should be enabling open communication between your organization and your customer while capturing the relevant data to complete the job quickly and accurately.

2. Take advantage of emerging technologies

The best business systems give your organization room to grow, scale and adopt the latest, greatest trends that will allow you to augment your performance and deliver service excellence. Now more than ever, technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and wearables enable organizations to capture every interaction and think and act five steps ahead. However, these technologies are only as good as the systems and solutions that support them. That data must be stored, analyzed and applied to affect the end result.

3. Anticipate your customers’ changing demands

Customer expectations change with new entrants into the market, better technology options, public opinions and more. Stay ahead of the game by constantly planning for what’s next. Survey your customers and ensure that information feeds back into your marketing and R&D functions. Participate in social listening and engage with your customers through forums to better understand their behaviors and actions. Apply this knowledge to your execution from training down to configuration in your business applications.

Now, more than ever, every decision, every interaction, every process, should be focused on the end game–the customer. With the right tools and the right people, this isn’t a lofty aspiration. For more information on improving the customer experience with field service management software, watch the webinar: Maximizing the Potential of Every Field Service Interaction: Keeping Your Most Important Stakeholders Happy.

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    Well said Kristina, field service management apps really helps a lot to the managers at field. FSM software ensures that work orders are assigned to the right person, with the right inventory and tools to deliver exceptional service.


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