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Essential upgrade, surprisingly painless
Manufacturing Arm

Few companies relish the thought of implementing a software upgrade…but it’s not always bad news. Dag Tore Wiulsrød, Manager Logistics…

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Industrial machines – a move to servitization and circularity

The servitization megatrend is upon us. Industrial machine manufacturing companies are adding service revenue streams and changing their business models,…

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Upgrading in a pandemic: Put your core business needs first

Håkon Kvåle, Director of IT Technology & Change for Norwegian insulation and construction products supplier GLAVA® (part of Saint-Gobain group), shares his experience and…

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The great reinvention: A business case for the circular economy
Circular Economy

With a raging pandemic, disrupted supply chains, climate change, political instabilities, and a growing scarcity of raw materials, 2021 will…

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Manufacturers: Does Your Mobile Strategy Leave Your Field Technicians Behind?
Service Management

Service companies generally agree that mobile operations have long-since reached a point of maturity in service. Well before smart devices,…

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The Circular Economy: Step Beyond Sustainability
Circular Economy

Colin Elkins chats to Tom Harper, managing director of Unusual, about the Circular Economy and how it applies to more…

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IFS Named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises

The IFS team is excited to announce that we have been recognized as a Customers’ Choice in the 2020 Gartner…

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Racking Up Support for Sustainable Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing

Helen Hauck hosts a discussion with Andy Magrini from CAEM, a shelving manufacturer with operations in Italy, Australia, India and…

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Artificial intelligence will spot our organic dumbness
Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With artificial intelligence (AI) so sophisticated it can pass the Turing Test, loaded with 175 billion language parameters, middle managers…

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Industrial Manufacturers: It’s Time For Outcomes-Based Service
Outcomes-Based Service

Manufacturing firms across a variety of disciplines have been looking for ways to implement more service-oriented solutions into traditional manufacturing…

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A Green Solution to Smarter Infrastructure
Sustainable Manufacturing

Colin Elkins chats to Dennis Grech, CEO & Managing Director of Geofabrics, Australasia’s largest supplier of geosynthetic products for infrastructure,…

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What is the Service Strategy for Medical Device Manufacturers?
Service Strategy

Manufacturers across the board are waking up to the potential of servitizing previously product-oriented businesses, building out their book of…

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