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Industrial Manufacturers: It’s Time For Outcomes-Based Service
Outcomes-Based Service

Manufacturing firms across a variety of disciplines have been looking for ways to implement more service-oriented solutions into traditional manufacturing…

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A Green Solution to Smarter Infrastructure
Sustainable Manufacturing

Colin Elkins chats to Dennis Grech, CEO & Managing Director of Geofabrics, Australasia’s largest supplier of geosynthetic products for infrastructure,…

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What is the Service Strategy for Medical Device Manufacturers?
Service Strategy

Manufacturers across the board are waking up to the potential of servitizing previously product-oriented businesses, building out their book of…

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How to Get Started with Servitization in High Tech Manufacturing

Manufacturers of technical and office equipment have, just like manufacturers from other disciplines, embraced the importance of making service a…

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Caistor Seafoods and Flatfish: An IFS Applications 10 Upgrade Story
IFS Applications upgrade

Andrew Wright, IFS Manager at Flatfish and Caistor Seafoods, explains how, in under 12 weeks, his team—with the help of…

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| | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes | Business Agility, Manufacturing
The Circular Economy is here are you ready to embrace it?

Use the manufacturing slowdown to prepare for the circular economy with a sustainable approach to manufacturing and reverse logistics The…

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Coaching, simplicity, and rescued pets: How Challenger Champion William Klotz finds inspiration for digital transformation  
IFS Challenger Champion William Klotz

In this Challenger Champion blog, we meet ERP Administrator at Omni Speciality Packaging, William Klotz. Conversations about digital transformation usually…

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Reports from the manufacturing front lines in a post-pandemic world

Manufacturers today are still recovering from the initial economic shocks that came as businesses shut down to prevent further spread…

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Deliver service with a mind towards customer and employee safety

Having gone through the first global pandemic most of us can remember will change the way we think about a…

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Are legacy ERP systems holding A&D manufacturers back from progress?
Defense Manufacturing

COVID-19 and the resulting market forces have highlighted the need for flexibility. External forces have always affected the aerospace and…

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How Danish manufacturer Induflex is using COVID-19 battle plans to stake out the future
Technical plastics, Induflex.jpg

Danish manufacturer Induflex has 30 years of experience in producing plastic products for retail, food and beverage, and other industrial…

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IDC Names IFS a Leader in Field Service Management Applications for Manufacturers

Over the course of the last few years, the increasing demands of customers have led manufacturers across industries to embrace…

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