These blog posts are about software technology and innovation from a business perspective i.e. the core of what we do within IFS Labs. They offer views and opinions on current events, the latest innovation trends, news and technology from the viewpoint of an enterprise software development team.

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A View of the Future from IFS Labs

What’s the future of work and of our home lives? And how can they inform each other? David Andersson of IFS Labs explores…

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A Roadmap for Technology and IFS Applications

What’s the future or business, technology and IFS Applications specifically? Here’s a look into what’s next, and how IFS is investing to match that.

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Lowering the Cost of Defense: Performance-based logistics
performance based logistics solutions

In 2012 worldwide defence spending fell for the first time in a decade. The largest falls were in NATO nations – and there’s not much chance of that changing. Forces need to maintain their capability in that context. New equipment isn’t coming on stream, and thus older equipment is being use for longer – by necessity and design. What can technology do to help in this situation?

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Evaporating Choices

The Internet is a place where information exist in an abundance. Or is it? With an ever increasing demand for information together with a decreasing number of information sources, is it perhaps time to start looking at alternative business models for services on the Internet?

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Is Free Software Killing User Experience?

I like free stuff as much as the next person. Although I know very well that nothing is free. So what’s the problem? More and more, I find myself disappointed over the fact that “free” means that the product I’m consuming is less than its potential; less than I expect it to be.

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Data is the New Oil – Discover and Tap It and You May Earn a Fortune

Did you know that 90% of information available today is created within the last two years? Have you ever thought about the business advantages to learn how to use these tools in business? Have you encountered the risk if you don’t?

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4 Behavior Patterns That Will Help You Flex Your Creativity Muscles

Below are four different kinds of innovative personalities. Do you represent one or several?

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Internet of Things – When Everything is Connected
Internet of Things

What if every item you see around you is connected to the Internet. Let’s consider the implications. If every item produced had a nano chip with an IP-stack to send and receive small pieces of information, it’s really just our imagination that stops us from realizing what can be achieved.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the areas that is certain to make some waves over the next couple of years; the Internet of Things.

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It’s a Brave New World with IFS New Functionality

Innovation is encouraged at IFS Labs – the opportunity to run with an idea and to see where it leads. IFS Labs are exploring many new and exciting developments that bring huge practical benefits IFS users. David Andersson, Director of IFS Labs, shared six philosophies at our IFS World Conference that we’re basing our future product on.

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I, Robot – Can Artificial Intelligence Play a Role in Business Applications?

You have seen the Hollywood interpretations of artificial intelligence (AI). But what about AI in the real world? What about automating some of the decisions that we do manually in our businesses today? Or what about using AI to provide a better alternative to rule based processing which we use so much of in our business applications?

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What does a 10K ERP innovation idea look like?

The main theme at the IFS World Conference is innovation and how to invent the future of ERP. But innovation doesn’t come easy. Good ideas are often hampered by thoughts like “this is not unique” or “it’s just an idea, I don’t know how to build it”. But why not reward interesting concepts just for being good ideas and leave practical worries for the experts? That was IFS’s idea when launching the IFS Innovation Award a few months ago. The challenge: give IFS an idea for how to apply technology in an innovative way and we’ll give the winner a cash prize and the opportunity to see their idea made into a product prototype. The winning idea turned out to be a smart way of…

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Why GitHub Will Matter to YOU!

If you’re a geek, the talk of the town right now is GitHub.

Explained in laymans terms, what GitHub is – on the surface – will be so boring to any regular person that you would stop reading about here… or maybe here!

But GitHub is anything but boring, and when you are done reading this article, you’ll be in the know of how the GitHub paradigm will have real impact on your daily life, in the very near future.

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