TOOLS OF MY TRADE: My job involves writing across the entire range of IFS customer facing literature and this brings me into contact with the company’s many thought leaders. From this unique perspective I am ideally placed to bring you all the inside info and give a clear view of what makes IFS tick. During my five years with IFS I have worked out of the Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linkoping offices. I write with an Artline 200 Fine 0.4 Pentel – black ink never blue. I generally work on an A3 layout pads but will sometimes switch to an A4. Definitely low tech stuff. Like many writers, I read my copy out aloud as I write. It helps me check the rhythm of the line and ultimately the flow of the whole piece. I often adopt the appropriate accent or tone, though my general “reading- style” voice is laughably mid Atlantic (I read silently if there other people in the room.) I’ve never been much of a theorizer about writing, but here are five things that I think are more or less true: 1) Put yourself into your work. Use your life to animate your copy. If something moves you, chances are, it will touch someone else, too. 2) Think visually. Ask someone to describe a spiral staircase and they’ll use their hands as well as words. Sometimes the best copy is no copy at all. 3) If you believe the facts persuade (as I do), you’d better learn how to write a list so that is doesn’t read like a list. 4) Confession is good for the soul and for copy, too. Bill Bernbach used to say “a small admission gains a large acceptance”! I still think he was right. 5) Don’t be boring.

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It’s a Brave New World with IFS New Functionality

Innovation is encouraged at IFS Labs – the opportunity to run with an idea and to see where it leads. IFS Labs are exploring many new and exciting developments that bring huge practical benefits IFS users. David Andersson, Director of IFS Labs, shared six philosophies at our IFS World Conference that we’re basing our future product on.

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