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Seriously – I’m challenging you to put IFS on trial today. This week at IFS World Conference 2012, we’ve been sharing our mobility news and future roadmap. One announcement made by Dan Matthews is the launch of seven new IFS Touch Apps, which are free for you to try out today.

As an ERP vendor we see mobility as a force for competitive differentiation. I see four main drivers for adopting mobile applications including productivity, data quality, competitive advantage, attract and retain talent base, and personal behaviors. Whatever your stance on Mobility today, it’s predicted that by 2015 50% of applications will be access by a mobile device (recent IFS study to be released in soon).

I hope you will take us up on this opportunity to try one of our apps for free, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Download the app that you wish to trial. We have the seven new apps to try: Quick facts, Flight log, Sales companion, Trip tracker, Time tracker, Support companion or Quick reports. They are available from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone download center.
  2. Select “try me” mode on the app
  3. Test a scenario for your use case

If you then choose to go live with an app for your company, you’ll need to connect with your IFS account manager.

Seeing is believing. Judge for yourself if a business app can be as exciting as a consumer one – I think so.

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    Mike McKay

    There is only one new app available on the app store which is Sales Companion. Where are the rest?

  2. Avatar

    Damian Bula


    I wanted to try it but on Polish App Store there are only one of them: IFS Sales Campanion.
    Could you tell me when all will be available?

  3. Martin Gunnarsson

    Martin Gunnarsson

    Right now there are two apps available in app store (iOS);
    IFS Sales Companion and IFS Notify Me.
    IFS Time Tracker, IFS Trip Tracker, IFS Quick Facts and IFS Quick Reports are planned to be released in Q4. We will communicate on the public web-site when each and every app is made available.


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    Nicol S

    Can you tell me how to get more information on Andrioid App for Service & Assets. I’ve see some info.. it is a great offline app which contains full business logic.

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    Great to know that you are creating mobile apps

    Do you have an app that notifies customers (customers or sales co ordinators) when they reach the limit or say 80% of the allowed credit limit ?

    The idea is to pre warn customers about utilisation of limits

    Also, what other apps are available for interaction with the accounting side of the customer …example for the customer to download his statement of a/c, for the customer to see his credit utilisation, purchases per month, date and amount of last payment etc etc…

    thanks and regards



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