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IoT is real and it’s happening today

If IoT is to go beyond the hype, then users need to be convinced of its business value before its…

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Completing the Picture – IFS acquires VisionWaves
IFS | VisionWaves

Today IFS announced the acquisition of VisionWaves. I feel really good about this as the acquisition completes an area where we have been investing strategically. In a way, you could say that we have been piecing together a puzzle over the last few years, and the addition of VisionWaves completes the picture.

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WHY do YOU get up in the morning?

Before heading home yesterday, I asked some of my colleagues in the office what makes THEM get up in the…

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The Future According to Microsoft’s Mike Opal

From the internet of cows to big data – you’ll only be equipped to deal with the future of business if you truly understand what your business is.

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Mixed Mode Manufacturing – What’s in it for you?

Mixed mode manufacturing means that you combine make-to-stock (MTS) and make-to-order (MTO) in one common supply chain. The value proposition of this is that you can strike a balance between efficiency and flexibility across the product range by assigning different supply models to different products. In order to implement a strategy for a process manufacturing company it is important to have an enterprise software system such as IFS Applications that can support not only industry specific requirements for example formulations and multiple units of measure, but also mixed mode manufacturing.

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