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Field service in focus: IFS and NEC bring FSM excellence to Japan

Field service management (FSM) is beginning to get a lot of attention and it’s easy to see why. Intelligently managing…

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IFS World Conference 2018: Focus on customer success
Focus on customer success

IFS innovations are only meaningful when they make your business better. In this session we hear from IFS partners, customers on staff about how we’re making people’s businesses better.

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IoT, M2M, 3D Printing and Industry 4.0: Cutting through the hype

  Antony Bourne Global Manufacturing Industry Director If I had a krona for every time anyone mentioned internet of things…

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NEC: Empowered By Innovation

Since 1998, NEC have been a valued partner of IFS, and one success factor of the partnership is the similarities…

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New NEC Case Study Illustrates the Benefits of Collaborative Working

One of IFS’s most successful business partnerships is with NEC Corporation, the Japanese multinational provider of IT services and products,…

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IFS versus Oracle: 3-0

At this get-together in Tokyo, Mr. Saga, the project manager at NEC and representing the customer, held the most fantastic speech. With lots of passion, he shared all the details with us, from the customer’s decision to replace their existing solution with IFS Applications up to the present.

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IFS and NEC: Serving Up Success—The new Food & Beverage Extension

Interview with Stefan Gustafsson, Managing Director at IFS Japan about the fruitful partnership between the global Japanese Partner NEC and IFS. In this mini interview, Stefan shares the latest news about the new joint solution for process manufacturing and a gives us a short recap of the NEC and IFS partnership.

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