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Since 1998, NEC have been a valued partner of IFS, and one success factor of the partnership is the similarities in culture that we both share. Both NEC and IFS have an open and collaborative way of working which means, from an operational point of view, that both companies have been “Empowered By Innovation.”

This has resulted in a lot of functionality being developed together, therefore enhancing the solution as well as enabling NEC to deploy IFS Applications into its business.

You can watch Fumiyasu Hirano, Vice-President of NEC’s Enterprise Business Unit, talk about our relationship together in this video (in Japanese with English sub-titles):

Another trait that we both share is the focus on quality which meant that, during one of their roll-outs, no critical issues were found after go-live, helping to quicken their ROI.

One of their business requirements was to consolidate the processes that they used to use due to the variety of products that they manufacture. As a result of the implementation, there are now standardized processes in place to handle the multi-mode manufacturing requirements of NEC which gives them the flexibility and agility to change their planning strategy as the needs arise.

Another requirement was to get better insight into the quality, delivery and costs throughout the business. This was successfully achieved by having the ability to see the complete process from the Engineering BOM through to Manufacturing BOM and delivery.

This is just one example of where working with IFS, either as a customer, partner, or both, can greatly benefit your business and give you the opportunity to take advantage of an ever-changing world.

But don’t just take my word on this – listen to Koji Saga, Senior Manager in the Supply Chain Management Division of NEC’s System Platform Business Unit, talk about how he has successfully standardized global supply chain and manufacturing processes using IFS Applications.

If you prefer the written word, you can read the NEC case study that explains what NEC gains from their use of IFS Applications:

  • Support for all core processes
  • Engineering-Manufacturing Interface to convert E-BOM into M-BOM
  • Standardized business processes for BTO, MTO and MTS
  • Smooth implementation, problem free go-live

Download How NEC and IFS Partner to Deliver Agile ERP Software for the full story.

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