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Battling on three fronts: Military in-service support in 2018
2018 defense industry trends

Availability and reliability are key if military forces are to reach their objectives. But to achieve this, military forces and…

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Innovation in aviation: The four commercial trends disrupting the industry in 2018
2018 commercial aviation trends

2017 saw another positive year in commercial aviation with a surge in air passenger numbers and new aircraft orders as…

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Digital investments and new business models empower oil & gas companies to leverage industry recovery in 2018
2018 tendances pétrole et gaz

Many oil and gas companies experienced a tough couple of years recently, as oil prices plummeted to record-low levels. The…

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The 4 IT trends fueling the oil and gas industry in 2017

In an industry where there are still few capital projects being initiated following the 2014 price collapse, and pressure on…

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Oracle OpenWorld Takeaways

It’s been a couple of weeks since Oracle once again invaded San Francisco with their 2014 edition of Oracle OpenWorld. Having had a chance to digest and reflect a bit I walked away with two more, as well as two surprises.

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Webinar: How a Cloud-based Solution Can Deliver

If you want to understand how the cloud is relevant to your business, and how choosing to run IFS Applications…

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ERP in the Cloud: What do businesses want?

Today, most enterprise software runs on servers at a business’ premises. Of course a growing percentage of solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) or even enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are delivered from the cloud. Sometimes they are even sold not through a perpetual license, but as as a subscription service or from the cloud.

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2012 – What’s hot, what’s not?
Hot or not in 2012

It’s that time of the year again; prediction time.

With every year end we like to look forward into the next year and try to see what it holds for us. This year is no exception. So what will 2012 be like in the software industry? What will be hot and what will not? We have the list of predictions just waiting for you, right here.

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The cloud: all swings and roundabouts?
The Cloud

A couple of weeks ago I was moderating a lunch time discussion called “The cloud – myths and realities”. Invited key speakers were Graham Taylor who is the CEO of OpenForum Europe, and Mikael Bäck who is responsible for strategy and portfolio management for Ericsson’s fixed and mobile networks. Unlike cloud talk of late this discussion was refreshingly free from over-hyping, striking more of a “swings and roundabouts” tone.

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