Value for A&D

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Up to 28% more work orders a day, up to 60 less maintenance and operation hours a week, huge reduction in materials expenses. When it comes to unlocking value from IT investment, there aren’t many asset-intensive organizations with more riding on their software implementations than those in the Aerospace and Defense sector. Enterprise software in…

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construction business value

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The most important thing to IFS is ensuring that our solutions deliver definite, measurable business value. That’s why we asked IDC to carry out a study to reveal the business value our enterprise solutions bring customers. IDC conducted extensive interviews with IFS customers representing every region we serve to quantify this value and found our…

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business value in energy, utilities and resources

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In September, respected analyst firm IDC published an end-user study, sponsored by IFS, that quantified the business value achieved by customers using IFS enterprise software. It is a truly global study that provides provable, exact numbers and demonstrates the value IFS brings. This included working with a number of our customers from the Energy, Utilities…

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Artificial intelligence (AI) gets plenty of attention these days in the context of business transformation, but organizations should not view it as a cure-all for all business problems. That was the clear message delivered during a morning session on intelligent and autonomous solutions today at IFS World Conference, taking place this week in Boston. The…

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Business Value

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Today we are very proud to publish the findings from an IDC end-user evaluation calculating the business value derived from using IFS enterprise software. It reveals that the average IFS customer can be 18 percent more productive and that they hit breakeven on their investment in just 15 months.  The independent evaluation was based on qualitative research with billion-dollar revenue organizations from…

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