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Samsung KNOX Android closer to Businesses

I am a firm believer that products should ship with the expected basic set of features out of the box. This is why I think Samsung’s decision announced to ship their KNOX solution to consumers is the right one. Needless to say IFS is backing Samsung’s KNOX initiative—we already have our first apps available in the KNOX app catalog, and more is to come.

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CRM App – The most wanted business app is now also available on Android

According to and IDC survey 31 percent of companies indicate CRM (e.g. management of sales, contracts, activities, and opportunities) is the mobile business app that would most significantly impact their business. We have it. Please try it.

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The Business Case for Mobility

A mobility business case must show both tangible and intangible returns that drive a company toward its business goals. Today IFS launches new public mobility pages where you can get inspired by the business benefits using IFS mobile solutions.

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How Mobility Makes ERP Easier and More Fun

The music industry has transformed thanks to new technologies and new behavior. Mobility is transforming our everyday lives and transforming industries. Which industry is next?

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Put IFS Mobile Enterprise Apps on Trial Today

Seriously – I’m challenging you to put IFS on trial today. This week at IFS World Conference 2012, we’ve been sharing our mobility news and future roadmap. One announcement made by Dan Matthews is the launch of seven new IFS Touch Apps, which are free for you to try out today.

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IFS is Paving the Way to Market Leadership in Service Management & Mobility

Now, IFS takes another leap forward by acquiring Metrix. With Metrix’s portfolio of mobile solutions for field service management on smartphones and tablets, IFS can now boast one of the world’s broadest solutions for the mobile workforce, including….

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Business Apps Can Take You Faster through the Economic Downturn

At last weeks IFS VIP event I asked for a volunteer to try one of our existing apps. In the back, a lady waved intensively and shouted “I want to try, I want to try”. I gave her my phone and in a single click she had authorized her first travel expense and purchase order – and she was so happy. When she had completed her very first travel expense, including a photo of a taxi receipt, she was literally dancing on the stage…

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Apps for the Enterprise – The Super Obvious and the Generic-Specific

Yesterday I commented on the fact that the first thing I have realized in recent months discussions with customers and colleagues about what apps we should build for our enterprise applications suite, is what apps we should NOT build.

In all fairness I guess I should also explain what I have realized that customers DO want and what I think we should build.

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Apps for the Enterprise – Blame iPad for the Confusion

Before the iPad when there was just the iPhone, BlackBerry and various Android smartphones, things were a lot easier. The phone was (and still is) the thing you always carried with you. In business it was used for sending messages and checking e-mails. On the phone we had apps, and these apps were designed for tasks you could do in a short space of time. For business use we were discussing apps to quickly review and approve purchases, to have a quick look at some KPI:s. Then came the iPad and confused us all.

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Microsoft Windows 8 – New and Old Mixed Together
Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

In Los Angeles, using one of the bigger venues available for these kind of events, some 5,000 developers were gathered on Tuesday Sep 13, 2011, for a full day of keynotes from VP’s and Senior VP’s from the Microsoft development departments, showing the latest version of the Windows operating system; Windows 8.

It is clear from the start that Microsoft has a lot riding on this.

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