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Imagine sitting in a traffic queue or at the airport waiting for the gate to open. Wouldn’t it be great if you could utilize this dead-time? What would it mean to you if you had full access to your customer contacts at any time at any place to call a customer to follow up your last activity? Or to just have a chat about how the business is going and ask for a meeting to talk about business challenges and opportunities? The business app to facilitate all this is actually the most wanted app by C-level executives according to a survey published by IDC.

The study shows that the top-three business apps companies would like on their smartphones are:

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM)—31 percent of companies indicate CRM (e.g. management of sales, contracts, activities, and opportunities) is the mobile business app that would most significantly impact their business.
  2. Business Intelligence (BI)—13 percent of the respondents favored BI capabilities, for example KPIs and reporting.
  3. Approvals and Authorizations—10 percent chose functionality such as approval of requisitions, purchase orders, and supplier invoices as the most wanted business app.

At IFS, we listen to our customers and have all these apps available. You find the complete list of apps here.


IFS Sales Companion is the ideal tool for a sales rep or manager to manage customer and supplier accounts, activities, contacts and opportunities. Key features include integration of activities into you phones calendar, integration with on board map application to view account and contact locations, direct dialing and e-mailing from contacts. IFS Sales Companion works offline with automatic synchronization with IFS Sales & Marketing in the background. The product is available on both iOS and Android.

Please use this link to see the iOS solution for iPhone and iPad live. But even better, why don’t you download the app and try it for free:

  • Visit Google Play or App Store
  • Search for “IFS Sales Companion”
  • Install the app and select Try Me
  • Done

Any feedback is appreciated. Good luck with your sales out there.












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