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A mobility business case must show both tangible and intangible returns that drive a company toward its business goals. Mobile solutions offer many business benefits that support a wide range of users in a company. At IFS we want to explain the business case for mobility and how the business benefits can help companies to faster and smarter reach their business objectives.

Today IFS launches new public mobility pages where you can get inspired by the business benefits using IFS mobile solutions.  Here you find links to lots of material to guide you through your enterprise mobile solution selection process such as;

  • Customer interviews and solution demos
    • Brightpoint improves purchase order workflow
    • CDF likes the cloud
    • IFS Sales Companion (the business app for the sales rep)
    • IFS Notify Me (the business app for acting on notifications)
    • IFS Mobile Work Order for Android
    • IFS Mobile Work Order for Windows Mobile
    • IFS Warehouse Data Collection
  • Whitepaper and brochure
    • Business benefits of enterprise mobile solutions whitepaper
    • IFS Mobile solutions brochure
  • Executive Summaries
    • IFS Touch Apps
    • IFS Mobile Work Order
    • IFS Warehouse Data Collection
    • IFS Enterprise Explorer, touch-friendly

Business benefits

Business benefits such as higher level of customer service, increased sense of professionalism or minimal admin back-log can be applied on both an individual level and to the overall business. Depending on the type of user and industry, a mobile solution may impact;

  • The personal workday resulting in greater work efficiency
  • Business processes resulting in improved profits and lower risks
  • Everyday life resulting in enhanced employee loyalty

Different types of users need different types of mobile solutions that provide both tangible and intangible returns. I have listed some examples of returns below;

IFS Touch Apps—Sales Companion: Improved hit rate through access to contact data and instant capture of sales activities and opportunities

IFS Touch Apps—Notify Me: Enhanced delivery precision thanks to reduced order lead time by approving purchase order on the move. Brightpoint is using IFS Notify Me.

IFS Mobile Work Order: Improved SLA hit rate as technicians continuously report job progress and job schedules can be optimized

IFS Warehouse Data Capture: Reduced stock obsolescence through instant reporting as warehouse activities occur

Take the opportunity to join the upcoming mobility webinars where we will share what the path to mobility looks like, how to make smarter business decision in a mobility context and how to create a mobility business case. Sign up here.


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