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Responding to evolving asset-intensive business and market demands was the primary driver behind a far-reaching decision by publicly-listed Australian mining and civil construction company, Brierty, to embrace IFS Applications as its enterprise-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help the company become an agile business.

From its base in Perth, Australia, Brierty provides civil construction, contract mining, mine maintenance and services to government and private industry through its civil and mining lines of business. Annual revenue for the 2015 financial year was $293 million.

The harsh, remote Australian desert means daily temperatures are 40ºC plus all year, it’s dusty, and projects can be over 2,000 kilometers away from a major city. Delivering mining and civil projects on time and within budget was often a challenge for Brierty.

In a recently-published video testimonial and customer story, Ian Sydney, Brierty’s Chief Financial Officer (pictured above), explains the background to his search for the best ERP system that would support the company’s dynamic expansion through new projects, especially in civil construction. He says:

“We deliver on projects by having equipment and staff operating 24 hours a day. Maintenance was reactionary. We lacked knowledge of an asset’s history or when to schedule maintenance to prolong the operational lifecycle. Having a supply of spare parts on site was not managed well, and it’s not like the team can call their local supplier and request a spare part for immediate delivery. This impacted operations, procurement costs, scheduling personnel, and project viability.”

Sydney describes the choice he made:

“We went through a rigorous process and selected IFS based on its knowledge in construction and mining, functional strengths in managing projects, assets and plant maintenance, and our ability to grow with the system. Investing in IFS Applications enabled us to achieve a quicker ROI by going live on time and within budget.”

IFS Applications provides Brierty with an integrated system for managing projects, assets and plant maintenance, offering key benefits that include:

  • Supporting Brierty’s growth to help triple profits
  • Giving Brierty complete visibility of its project portfolio
  • Optimizing asset lifecycles and streamlining procurement
  • Reining-in project costs

Watch Ian Sydney’s story and see how Brierty has gained the confidence to be agile and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Get the complete picture: read the Brierty customer story (PDF).

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