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In case you missed the news, the latest version of IFS Cloud debuted in October.

This release will accelerate your journey to digitalization by offering you the tools, innovations, and experiences that will drive the most value for you. In fact, with over 300 new features and enhancements, there is a whole host of exciting industry-relevant updates for our existing IFS customers and new customers to get their teeth into.

The latest version of IFS Cloud is designed to add value by:

  • Accelerating automation across the organization
  • Connecting global operations
  • Driving towards your ESG goals

Accelerate Automation Across Your Enterprise

Our customers are telling us they are looking to accelerate automation and attain intelligent insights faster. They want to drive productivity and operational efficiencies, and through this latest release, that is what we are delivering to them. The heightened automation in this release will continue to help organizations like yours transform operations, work efficiently, and liberate staff. IFS Cloud will help to reduce the time, effort, and resource burden while increasing the quality of work and experience across industries.

Connect Global Operations

As businesses grow and branch out into new international markets, they face new challenges around regulation, market practices, and operating approaches. Through the IFS Cloud solution, we deliver software that can flex and evolve to meet the growing needs of our customers both today and long into the future.

The latest release unites operations across sites, departments, people, and assets and enables organizations to compete on a world playing field. It provides the capabilities needed to reduce complexity and effort and operate consistently in a global environment. So, you can serve your customers faster, reduce downtime and meet compliance requirements.

Drive Towards Your ESG Goals

Your organization’s environmental, social, and governance goals are in the spotlight.

IFS has concentrated on the element that represents the most significant challenge: data. Understanding data and being able to collect, manage, record, and interpret data that provides visibility into your environmental performance. We are focused on making this easier and faster for every organization to achieve.

In this release, IFS tools and innovations provide the data to help drive toward your aims, show progress against commitments and demonstrate accountability and transparency. With IFS, you can stay focused on your ESG goals and make an impact on the planet.

IFS Cloud customers benefit from twice-yearly releases of new features and capabilities; the October 2022 release is the latest example. It allows customers to constantly evolve their solutions without needing major upgrades or migrations, clearing their road to focus on business transformation.

For further information about the features related to our key business themes for this release, read the 22R2 What’s New document.

What’s New in IFS Cloud 22R2

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