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Industries, businesses, and individuals that deliver service have always held a special importance to me, and in the face of the global pandemic that we now face, the importance of service is even more obvious.

As storefronts close and individuals are unable to visit the places that they need to live their lives, it’s service that steps up to fill the gap, through deliveries, changing business models, and a renewed focus on the customer—now not just their satisfaction, but also their wellbeing.

Of course, in the face of these massive disruptions, for many companies, business-as-usual is thrown out the window. In service, this could mean travel limitations, fears about on-site visits, workforce erosion, supply chain disruptions, and plant closures, just to name a few. These issues can arise in isolation at the best of times, but seeing them collide with your business all at once can be catastrophic.

We at IFS feel this pain implicitly. We know you. We know your business, your challenges, and we know the uncertainty that this moment brings. IFS has built our service business unit—from the software, to our people, to our partners—to help your business succeed no matter the circumstances.

I am so proud of what IFS can help service companies accomplish in the best of times, but, truly, it’s in moments like these that the power of our service software truly shines. From dulling the pains of restrictions, to building new business plans to enrich lives, we offer an unmatched toolset to help you manage complex processes nimbly, and to approach any new obstacle with service’s most powerful toolset, and a most capable partner by your side.

Here’s just one example of how we’re doing that today: We were able to get IFS Remote Assistance set up for one of our clients in Italy in less than two weeks. That doesn’t just take a powerful tool, that takes a caring hand, an understanding of the needs of service, and a sense of urgency that has always set IFS apart.

Remote Assistance can certainly help keep service running today, but it’s but one of the myriad of ways that IFS has been built to help you navigate uncertain times like these whenever and however they arise. If you’re concerned about the short and long-term outlook of service, please do not hesitate to reach out, and, importantly, we’ll be here with several resources to support you, today and in the days and weeks to come.

Here is more information about our commitment to you—no matter the challenges that you face—and some of the tools that we have to help tackle this moment.

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