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How IFS Labs connected an actual flying drone to IFS Applications.

Digital transformation is a subject that is much spoken of these days. However, digital transformation is not just applying new technologies to do something different from before. It’s about doing what you do today but better. It’s about innovating in new products and services to continue developing your business, and it’s about transforming your business model in order to differentiate on the market.

In order to achieve success, there are two important aspects to consider in this:

  1. We need to look at new technologies in an integrated way. The strength of digital transformation doesn’t lie in the individual technologies but in how all technologies are enforcing each other.
  2. Digital transformation will fail if one is focusing on the technologies and does not consider changing the organization’s capability. Like any type of technology implementation, when only focusing on technology and not the human side of how digital changes the way of working, it will not succeed.

Let’s look at the proof of concept that IFS Labs has developed and presented live today at the IFS World Conference 2016 in Gothenburg.

Drones and IoT

In this proof-of-concept, we look at aerial power line inspections in forested areas. While aerial power lines are generally easier to run and more cost effective to build, they are left exposed and vulnerable to severe weather. If a tree falls on a power line, it disrupts service and typically requires a helicopter to be sent out for inspection. Already it is easy to see that drones are more cost effective than helicopters in doing such an inspection.

At IFS Labs, we went a step further. We used computer image analysis, combined with the IFS IoT Business Connector to allow the drone to work fully autonomous.

The drone flies over the power line, where the video that the drone provides is processed in real-time, detecting any obstructions, and sending those observations through the IFS IoT Business Connector to IFS Applications. Then, a work order can automatically be scheduled and dispatched in the most optimal way.

Already today, in many industries, drones can provide many different opportunities and allow businesses to realign resources, gather data, reduce costs, ensure safety, optimize processes and increase efficiency. Combining that with other new opportunities, such as the internet of things (IoT), enlarges the opportunity even greater.

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