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Defining the ERP Foundation for the Paint and Coatings Industry

Of the many contemporary challenges facing an industry like paint and coatings, supply chain management is a critical one at…

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Why Adopt ISO Standards for Asset Management? Here’s Why, and How.
ERP Podcast Series from IFS

ISO standards are a lot of things. Specifications for products and services. A third party stamp of approval for quality,…

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Trying to Make Sense of the Conflict Minerals Rule? Good luck with that!

Regardless of your position on government mandates for corporate social responsibility, one thing is certain. The U.S. Securities and Exchange…

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Magnaflow Case Study: Catalytic business conversion with IFS

Magnaflow is a high volume, high speed company, producing catalytic convertors in an expensive labour market. They need serious automation to survive where they are – and IFS provides it.

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PODCAST: Quality Control in Process Manufacturing ERP

In this episode of the IFS Radio Network, IFS Process Manufacturing ERP expert Jakob Björklund discusses the challenges posed by REACh,…

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Process Manufacturing Council Adds Value to IFS Users

As an industry director for process manufacturing at IFS, I enjoy being in the middle of everything that is happening…

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7 Steps to Optimizing Operational Capability

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is viewed as one of the key methods allowing maintenance engineers to do more with less at the same time as minimizing risk. RCM provides a greater understanding of the level of risk that an organization is currently managing, as well as supporting the establishment of capital maintenance regimes, thereby increasing cost effectiveness and equipment uptime. Implementing an RCM solution is not necessarily a complex or procedure – particularly if an organization follows seven easy steps…

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2 Reasons why the manufacturing industry is behind the curve on embracing enterprise mobility

Mobility continues to be a hot topic in the ERP/enterprise software market, but the conversations are changing from theory to optimization and practical use. In fact, mobility is one of Gartner’s nexus of forces, the convergence of social, mobility, cloud and information patterns that drive new business scenarios. This started me thinking about why manufacturers appear to be behind the curve in embracing this technology and in seeing the benefits on the shop floor.

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IFS and NEC: Serving Up Success—The new Food & Beverage Extension

Interview with Stefan Gustafsson, Managing Director at IFS Japan about the fruitful partnership between the global Japanese Partner NEC and IFS. In this mini interview, Stefan shares the latest news about the new joint solution for process manufacturing and a gives us a short recap of the NEC and IFS partnership.

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Supply Chain Segmentation and Differentiated Inventory Planning

IFS has released a new solution for inventory planning. Even though the solution is a brand new development it was heavily inspired by a product extension that had been offered to our Scandinavian customer base for over ten years. In order to be able to offer this product globally it was included as a part the core IFS Applications. As we included the extension into core we also made some major enhancements of the solution. The most significant being vastly improved performance.

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Mixed Mode Manufacturing – What’s in it for you?

Mixed mode manufacturing means that you combine make-to-stock (MTS) and make-to-order (MTO) in one common supply chain. The value proposition of this is that you can strike a balance between efficiency and flexibility across the product range by assigning different supply models to different products. In order to implement a strategy for a process manufacturing company it is important to have an enterprise software system such as IFS Applications that can support not only industry specific requirements for example formulations and multiple units of measure, but also mixed mode manufacturing.

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How Enterprise Software Vendors Can Support Supply Chain Segmentation

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in London. One of the many interesting topics discussed was Supply Chain Segmentation. Segmentation lets companies boost profitability by tailoring multiple supply chains within one physical flow. This made me think about how ERP vendors such as IFS can support companies to implement segmented supply chains.

The supply chain segmentation example Gartner shared resonated with me.

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