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Providing industry focused inspiration during lockdown: MindFuel virtual event keeps military and defense organizations in touch with key issues

IFS brought together some of the most informed, influential and innovative defense organizations across the globe, to discuss and share…

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4 ways C-level execs can enhance corporate resilience during and post pandemic
corporate resilience

Executives teams have their hands full right now managing the day-to-day changes forced on their business by the global Covid-19…

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3 ways business might change, and how to support this change
Life After Covid-19

How work and business is likely to change long term once we get past the crisis, and the capabilities you…

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How to identify the weak links in your manufacturing supply chains
warehouse supply chains

When a cardiologist puts a patient through a stress test, they can see how the heart functions under load, and…

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4 Ways for A&D Manufacturers to Rise to the Challenge of Industry 4.0
Aerospace & Defense 4.0

‘Aerospace & Defense 4.0’ is revamping the manufacturing landscape in A&D. Its emergence has signaled the arrival of cost-saving products…

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How can contract manufacturers decrease the level of inventory obsolescence?
high tech manufacturing

Over the past few years, the highly unstable prices on raw material and the increased lead time from suppliers on…

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What different types of needs do purchasing departments have?

Drive strategic work to attain the right contracts and organize operational work becoming as efficient as possible. There are general…

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Is DDMRP for you?

In a couple of previous blog posts we have looked at the ideas of DDMRP and examined the five steps…

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The five steps of DDMRP

In my last blog post we took a look at DDMRP as a concept and the ideas behind it. In…

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The relevance of Demand Driven MRP

MRP was invented in the fifties, computerized in the sixties and later became the dominating planning principle in the manufacturing…

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What does the future of the Wood Industry look like?

I have been spending a lot of time with different companies in the wood industry over the past couple of…

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Demand-driven MRP: a competitive edge for you in IFS Applications 10
Demand-driven material requirement planning

The world of MRP has hit the buffers, literally. Stock buffers are critical to the new discipline of dean drive materials requirements planning – and it’s new in IFS Applications 10.

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