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The Beauty Lies in The Simplicity

This post shares a few examples of IFS Quick Reports created by the American company CDF.
The beauty of this solution lies in the simplicity when it comes to extract, present and share data in an easy way.

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Radical Innovations Become Incremental—Always

In the software industry, we like to outline business dream scenarios. But that is the easy part. I prefer to talk about how to get there. What is your better, safer path to innovation? I think IFS can offer a quicker, safer path to innovation than our competition can, please let me explain how.

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Magnaflow Case Study: Catalytic business conversion with IFS

Magnaflow is a high volume, high speed company, producing catalytic convertors in an expensive labour market. They need serious automation to survive where they are – and IFS provides it.

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A Roadmap for Technology and IFS Applications

What’s the future or business, technology and IFS Applications specifically? Here’s a look into what’s next, and how IFS is investing to match that.

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IFS World 2013: IFS Applications 8 Update

Last year, we announced IFS Applications 8. Today we’ll hear from customers who have been using it.

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Mixed Mode Manufacturing – What’s in it for you?

Mixed mode manufacturing means that you combine make-to-stock (MTS) and make-to-order (MTO) in one common supply chain. The value proposition of this is that you can strike a balance between efficiency and flexibility across the product range by assigning different supply models to different products. In order to implement a strategy for a process manufacturing company it is important to have an enterprise software system such as IFS Applications that can support not only industry specific requirements for example formulations and multiple units of measure, but also mixed mode manufacturing.

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Shorter Time to Value with “IFS Upgrade” Program

The aim with IFS Upgrade is to help our customers upgrade to the latest version of IFS Applications, thereby quickly taking advantage of new functionality to improve productivity and their competitive edge.

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7 Tips to Becoming a Better Public Speaker

In this post I want to share seven things to remember when you prepare and perform a presentation. I called it “The 7-up speaker technique.”

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Trust Us – Can’t do it Without You

My biggest takeaway from the day though had nothing to do with the questions asked, nor with the statements made by our competitors. Instead it was the opening presentation by Arild Saastad from Bertel O. Steen. What really stuck with me were the comments he made about how important it is for an ERP vendor to earn the trust of the organizations using their systems.

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