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Cloud-Native Mindset for Digital Transformation…

Just starting your digital transformation journey? Haven’t heard of Cloud Native? Cloud native capabilities increase your company’s innovation output and…

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Tip: How to get rid of your innovation distractions

As individuals and companies, we need to protect ourselves against distractions so as not to lose our focus and commitment to bringing ideas all the way to new innovations. Today, distraction can include the possibilities and opportunities we see around us but also our self-perceived limited skills and experience when we compare ourselves with other people or companies.

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Be Agile When You Go Agile

There are two aspects of business travel, especially on the long haul flights, I still enjoy. One is the hours without any inflow of e-mails or other communication. The second is the chance encounter with an interesting person. On my way to IFS development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka the other week I ended up next to bald middle aged lady wearing a turban. This will make for an interesting few hours I thought, and sure it did.

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