Stephen Keys

As regional president of IFS’s business in Asia Pacific & Japan, Middle East & Africa, Stephen is responsible for growing IFS’s presence across the region, which involves building a strong customer base, expanding the company’s network of quality partners, and ensuring the IFS workforce remains engaged and focused on delivering customers value. Before joining IFS, Stephen worked for more than 20 years in the IT sector, among others as CEO of Sydney-based FTS Group and in various leadership positions at Software AG. Outside of work, Stephen enjoys spending time with his two sons. He is also a weekend soccer referee who gives back to his local community by volunteering at a soup kitchen, as well as serving as a mentor to at-risk teenagers.

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IFS 1333 Bikeathon sponsorship – LetsTALK

What? IFS is one of the major sponsors at the 1333Bikethon 2021 in Sri Lanka. The aim of the 1333Bikeathon…

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IFS Foundation: helping to break the poverty cycle in Sri Lanka
IFS Foundation

IFS is well known for its ‘for the challengers’ mantra, which encourages people to achieve more and challenge the status…

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