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IFS is well known for its ‘for the challengers’ mantra, which encourages people to achieve more and challenge the status quo. IFS uses the same mantra with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and the IFS Foundation.

The IFS Foundation

The IFS Foundation is a charitable trust set up to help break the poverty cycle in Sri Lanka. We are investing in a series of projects in partnership with local communities in remote and rural areas to renovate schools and hospitals, improve access to fresh water, and create employment opportunities.

With these basics in place, kids stand a better chance of getting a decent education and securing the skills they need to find proper employment.

Over time we hope each community we work with becomes more autonomous and self-sustaining so that the IFS Foundation can then move on to helping the next community.

How the IFS Foundation was born

IFS has maintained a long-term commitment to CSR. As a company, we think it right to give something back to the communities in which we operate. Many IFS employees undertake fund-raising initiatives around the world and our vision is to harness the fund-raising power of our global organization and concentrate it on one project.

That will help us go beyond servicing an issue and make a real, long term impact, a kind of thinking that the IFS Foundation reflects.

We chose Sri Lanka as a focal point for the IFS Foundation because it is home to one-third of the IFS global workforce. As a business, we recognize how much we rely on the team in Sri Lanka every day, so it seems only right that we should give something back to this community that serves us all so well. Learn more in this video.

Get involved and support the IFS Foundation

The IFS Foundation project in Sri Lanka will cost an estimated $200,000 per year for the next three years, but we’re up for the challenge! Here are four simple ways to get involved


Reach out to us. Let’s start a conversation. Maybe you have some ideas on how you or your business can help advance our work.


Follow us on LinkedIn. Re-share our posts and help get the message out there. Make some noise! It will help raise awareness and, hopefully, more funds.


You may know some people or businesses who would be willing to lend a hand or who can donate materials. School supplies especially. Please help to connect us with them.


Help support our work to break the poverty cycle in Sri Lanka by donating to the IFS Foundation.

The IFS Foundation at IFS World Conference 2019

In October, IFS hosted The IFS World Conference 2019 Partner of the Year Awards Dinner, followed by the IFS Foundation Charity Auction to support the IFS Foundation.

IFS and WorkWave partners and sponsors gathered to hear from IFS Chief Customer Officer Michael Ouissi, IFS Head of Channel, Merlin Knott and myself on how we can collectively support the IFS Foundation and, together, help make the world a slightly better place.

Be sure to join us at future events supporting the IFS Foundation.

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