Charles Rathmann

IFS Global Senior Marketing Content Strategist Charles Rathmann is one of the most prolific authors in the enterprise software industry. He has worked in industrial marketing and journalism for more than 25 years and holds a B.S. degree in News-Editorial Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

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Is implementing ERP like dipping your business in concrete?
ERP like dipping your business in concrete business agility

It is an old joke, that may sometimes target specific software vendors, that implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or…

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PodcastMulti-Site ERP is Harder than You Might Think
global erp

Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) software products have the capability to handle businesses that operate from multiple sites, even when…

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| | 3 minutes | Business Technology, Strategy
Business Agility Lessons from BMW and Corvette (kind of)

Whether you are a dyed-in-the-wool auto enthusiast or just someone like me who has a more spirited driving style, you…

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| | 4 minutes | Asset Intensive, Oil & Gas, Process Manufacturing, Strategy
Why Adopt ISO Standards for Asset Management? Here’s Why, and How.
ERP Podcast Series from IFS

ISO standards are a lot of things. Specifications for products and services. A third party stamp of approval for quality,…

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| | 4 minutes | Business Technology, Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing
Trying to Make Sense of the Conflict Minerals Rule? Good luck with that!

Regardless of your position on government mandates for corporate social responsibility, one thing is certain. The U.S. Securities and Exchange…

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| | 2 minutes | Business Technology, IFS Radio Network Podcast, Manufacturing
Podcast3 Conflict Minerals Rules: Tips from IFS Manufacturing Guru

This one 10 minute podcast offers manufacturers real insights into the most challenging regulation they have faced in decades.

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| | 1 minute | Business Technology, Strategy
PODCAST: IFS’ Cloud Strategy Explained by CEO Alastair Sorbie

Financial results calls can be tearfully boring. But check out what IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie said about cloud ERP on the Q1 2014 IFS results call.

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| | 3 minutes | Business Technology
Why does business agility matter now more than ever?

Change or die. It is a pretty simple concept!

And that is why IFS is devoting substantial resources (see the first in our series of business agility whitepapers) to making the case for increased business agility, not only in the thinking of executives and the intelligentsia, but in the technology infrastructure that holds an enterprise-class business together.

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| | 1 minute | Mobility, Service
PODCAST: Improve the Customer Experience with Service Management Software

As products themselves become mere commodities, we need to differentiate ourselves through services. And that is more difficult than it…

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PodcastPodcast: IFS announces wins and go-lives in key industries
IFS Podcast

Slap on those earbuds, hit play, and get the latest on what IFS has going on in these exciting industries!…

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| | 1 minute | Asset Intensive
A Simple Definition of RCM II

The concepts behind reliability centered maintenance (RCM) are about 40 years old, but there is a growing interest in RCM…

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PodcastIFS 2013 results discussed by senior management
IFS's 2013 financial results

In this breaking news segment of the IFS Radio Network, IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie and CFO Paul Smith discuss 2013…

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