Chris Knight

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Going to the IFS World Conference? Use this cool app!

Printed conference agendas are so 20th Century. So while there will still be a hard copy agenda and schedule for…

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PODCAST: Quality Control in Process Manufacturing ERP

In this episode of the IFS Radio Network, IFS Process Manufacturing ERP expert Jakob Björklund discusses the challenges posed by REACh,…

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Does Big Data Have a Role to Play in Service Management?

The other day, I had an enjoyable conversation with IFS Senior Vice President Larry Laux – one of our most…

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Two More Compelling Reasons to Attend the IFS World Conference

We may spend more time with our ERP software than with our families. Our relationship with ERP often lasts longer…

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Putting the ENTERPRISE in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

The mission of the Enterprise was to go where no one had gone before. Elements of any science fiction story…

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ERP in the Cloud: What do businesses want?

Today, most enterprise software runs on servers at a business’ premises. Of course a growing percentage of solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) or even enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are delivered from the cloud. Sometimes they are even sold not through a perpetual license, but as as a subscription service or from the cloud.

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