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Innovation isn’t just a buzzword for us – it’s a core principle that drives everything we do. Behind every enhancement and every new feature lies a meticulous process rooted in collaboration, foresight, and real-world validation.

With all the exciting enhancements from our recent release, here is just a taste of the great things you can experience with assyst 11.8.

1. Enhanced User Experience

Recognizing the importance of providing a seamless experience for our users, assyst 11.8 introduces several enhancements aimed at improving usability across the board.

Upgraded Virtual Agent Capabilities

In assyst 11.8, our chatbot has received a significant upgrade, empowering users with even greater efficiency and control over their IT support interactions. One standout enhancement is the chatbot’s ability to automatically close resolved issues, eliminating the need for manual intervention and speeding up the ticket resolution process. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances overall ticket management, allowing service teams to focus their efforts where they’re needed most.

But that’s not all – we’ve also integrated ChatGPT for interactions, upgrading the chatbot experience. With ChatGPT, users can enjoy more robust and engaging conversations, whether they’re seeking assistance, troubleshooting issues, or simply looking for information. This integration not only improves the user experience but also adds a layer of intelligence and versatility to the chatbot’s capabilities, ensuring that users receive accurate and helpful responses every time.

Efficient Event Management

Events are an integral part of IT service management but managing them efficiently can often be a challenge. That’s why assyst 11.8 introduces improved action validation for events, aimed at reducing the administrative burden on service owners and agents. By implementing stricter validation processes, we’ve minimized the occurrence of errors, resulting in smoother service delivery and reduced the need for manual intervention.

With fewer exceptions to handle, service teams can devote more time and resources to proactive problem-solving and strategic initiatives, ultimately driving greater efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

2. Optimized Efficiency

As user expectations shift, making sure processes are efficient and resource usage is optimized is crucial to keep things running smoothly.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Reporting is a cornerstone of effective IT service management, providing valuable insights into performance, trends, and areas for improvement. In assyst 11.8, users will benefit from the introduction of two report updates: the new “Events and Actions” report and the updated Assets report.

Hosting Efficiency

Hosting requirements can often pose challenges for IT organizations, particularly when it comes to managing memory and storage resources. In assyst 11.8, we’ve addressed this issue by reducing memory and storage requirements for attachments with Azure Storage V2 support. This optimization results in a smaller overall footprint, benefiting both performance and resource management.

By leveraging Azure Storage V2 support, organizations can enjoy improved scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness without compromising on performance. Whether you’re storing critical documents, multimedia files, or system backups, assyst 11.8 ensures that your hosting infrastructure operates at peak efficiency, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your users.

Fine-tuned Integrations

Seamless integration with external systems is essential for maximizing productivity and efficiency in IT service management. In assyst 11.8, we’ve fine-tuned the REST messaging system for greater efficiency, ensuring that data flows seamlessly between different systems with minimal latency or disruption.

3. Powerful Integration with IFS Cloud Field Service Management

The integration between assyst and IFS Cloud Field Service Management represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern service management. By seamlessly connecting these two platforms, customers can now manage ITIL-driven help and service desk requests with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

The integration also aligns maintenance delivery and service tasks with SLA management, ensuring that every action is carried out in accordance with established service level agreements. This alignment not only streamlines processes but also enhances overall service quality, enabling organizations to deliver exceptional service experiences to their users with confidence and consistency.

Explore More with assyst 11.8

The features and enhancements we’ve highlighted here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can experience with assyst 11.8. From improved usability to enhanced performance and powerful integrations, each aspect of this release is designed to elevate your ESM/ITSM experience to new heights.

If you’ve not had the chance yet, we invite you to watch this on-demand webinar where we delve deeper into all the exciting features and functionalities of assyst 11.8.

Watch the webinar on-demand here.

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