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The success of teams always reflects on the performance of the organization. Thus, high-performing organizations are always backed by dynamic teams which are driving the success of the organization. Relationships between the team members are key to improving team dynamics. Being an individual who has been working in a dynamic team at IFS Extended Support Team, here are few tips I would like to share to improve your team dynamics.

1) Set goals and objectives and celebrating the key milestones.

The dimensions of each team are written based on the set goals and objectives, because it will pave the path for the team to decide on strategies to achieve the ultimate objective. The leadership of the team should ensure that the team is not deviating from the core objective. In the meantime, the celebration of the key milestones while achieving the objective not only motivates the team members but also provides a clear picture of the current positioning of the team.

2) Spirit is the key.

In a team environment, it is normal to have different individual views. It can lead to contradictions, if not handled properly. However, keeping the unity within the team by creating an atmosphere to feel that the team will always back up its individuals as one unit, can encourage a sense of belonging.

3) Foster innovation and encourage new ideas.

The freedom and ability to express the views of the team members irrespective of their corporate title creates a greater opportunity to gather important and novel ideas which can be extremely useful.

4) Avoid toxic cultures.

The toxic subcultures within a team hinder the chances of moving forward collectively, which can eventually affect the team performance. Avoid this at all costs.

5) Nurture the potential leaders.

It is inevitable that there are instances where we lose key players in a team environment. However, if we nurture leadership qualities among the potential members, it can benefit the team itself as well as the organization in the long run.

These tips are not the only key factors that can improve team dynamics. But these can be applied to most of the team cultures. Success is the ultimate outcome of team performance.

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