Ian is a ‘veteran’ of customer service - both in the provision of software applications and consultancy and in actual service delivery and has worked with large and small companies, both in the UK and internationally over 25 years. After more than ten years working with a major international field service software business, Ian extended his knowledge by working with customer experience companies for five years (referred to by one colleague as his “wilderness years”), before returning to the world of mobile workforces with IFS in early 2011. He joined them in the role of Product Marketing Director to underpin their recent success and sustain ambitious growth plans. Today, he is part of the global IFS Service Automation team. A champion of always putting the customer’s needs first and keeping business simple; Ian can be counted-on for forthright opinions and provocative ideas.

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Why your field service operation needs to implement a dynamic scheduling engine

Ask anyone responsible for dispatching field service technicians how hard their job is, and you will get one of two polar opposite reactions. They will all confirm that it is a high-pressure environment; caught, as they are, between the needs of the field force, the company management and ever more demanding customers. Those that are new to the role will also tell you it is fiendishly hard, while experienced dispatchers will assure you how straightforward it is.

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Three field service management trends you can’t ignore

Field service management (FSM) operations are facing unprecedented pressure from competitors and increasingly demanding customers. At the same time advances in technology are set to have a profound effect on field service, such as the increasing adoption of enterprise mobility, schedule optimization tools and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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