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Earlier this month, we excitedly announced the go-live of the latest IFS assyst release, 11.5. This newest version of our Enterprise Service Management platform adds cloud discoverability capabilities to help organizations better manage their CMDBs, giving them full control of their IT infrastructure.

Why cloud discoverability?

Organizations are more reliant on the cloud than ever before, leading to IT environments growing in complexity by the day. This proves to be a difficult challenge for IT teams to keep track of all the different technologies deployed across the business. The inability to effectively track these leave enterprises vulnerable to a wide range of problems: wasted IT resources, poor end-user experience, as well as compliance and security issues.

IFS assyst 11.5 addresses these issues with automated cloud discovery, providing IT teams a complete view of what’s going on in their IT environments through a single solution. With this bird’s eye view, businesses are better placed to take full advantage of their assets and processes and focus on transforming the way they deliver services for everyone.

Capabilities to enhance the service experience

Creating a total experience for customers and employees is paramount. Through efficient processes, better visibility, and smart automation, the latest functionalities in IFS assyst 11.5 further helps organizations deliver seamless experiences on all digital touchpoints.

In this release, you can find:

  • The ability to discover applications running in Azure cloud and other cloud-native applications, i.e., containers on Kubernetes running on AKS
  • Automatic discovery of deployed software and effortless population of the CMDB
  • Quick access to information to eliminate silos
  • Self-service for end users to easily resolve their own problems
  • New service-level agreement (SLA) tracking capabilities
  • Customization options for the self-service portal layout and content based on users or user groups and show or hide offerings
  • Hard segregation capabilities in terms of access and visibility of data, depending on user groups e.g., this is a key requirement for HR use cases involving sensitive information
  • Improvements in the accessibility of the self-service portal

Join our webinar to see IFS assyst 11.5 in action

Want to know more? Join us in our free webinar and see our solution consultant Craig Whytock on August 10 as he shares a deep dive look into the cloud discoverability functionality works, as well as the other exciting new capabilities you’ll find in the IFS assyst 11.5 release.

Register here to see it all in action.

Or, if you’d like to see how your organization can benefit from IFS assyst 11.5, why not get in touch and arrange a free online demo?

There’s more: IFS assyst community

Our IFS assyst product is growing and so is our community! To celebrate, we’ve launched a new channel for our assyst community alongside the release. This is a platform for customers and developers to engage and collaborate in enhancing the service experience. Everyone will be able to share problems, tips, advice, and best practices on making the most of the IFS assyst system. You can also have your say on how IFS assyst can be improved for future releases.

If you’ve not done so yet, you can join the community here.

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