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IFS Champions are individuals that work within our customer organizations, making change and delivering great moments of service at their places of work. I got chatting to Mohsin Al-Ruqaishi, Maintenance Engineer at Jotun Paints, to discuss his role at the company.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mohsin Al Ruqaishi, I am a Maintenance Engineer at Jotun Paints Co. LLC., based in Oman. Jotun is a company that is specializes in manufacturing coating solutions for protective, powder, marine and decorative paints within a variety of industry sectors. From the sophistication of painting an iconic building (such as the cool global attractions like the Burj Khalifa) to the ease of painting beautiful homes, at Jotun we put a great effort into our research & development to create the best innovations.

What does a typical day look like at your work?

A typical workday for me can be quite exciting and unpredictable! I manage the maintenance operations and day to day activities to facilitate our manufacturing processes, maximize equipment reliability and ensure safe operation for all employees. Additionally, we work on developing new strategies for efficiency, such as finding ways to motivate the mindset of our operation as well as creating self-driven maintenance workflows that will add value to the business. With new challenges every day, you can guarantee no boredom comes my way!

How does IFS come into this?

Jotun has implemented IFS as global maintenance management tool in the whole Group as a part of our global IFS ERP implementation. Having maintenance integrated in all steps of the operation has helped us to streamline daily operations and business documentation saving us time and effort.

Who do you work with, and what are the roles they play?

I work with a group of talented and dedicated individuals that contribute equal efforts. Together we create one big, beautiful masterpiece, spanning across many functions that drive our operation forward. Our enthusiastic team is working towards efficiency in every aspect of our operation and are delivering true business agility in all stages of our manufacturing process.

What does great service mean to you?

In my perspective great service is not limited to delivering a fast service, but it is also defined by great quality. For instance, great service allows me to provide clients with a smooth and hassle-free experience and to ensure the best outcome that meets and exceeds customer expectation. Great service also can simply be achieved by, providing accurate & sufficient information from a reliable platform that generates all necessary data that can be beneficial to our client base.

What is the service angle in your company?

Our organization puts service in high regard. It is considered the company backbone. Without it, we would not be able to achieve our corporate goals. One of Jotun’s priorities is to ensure understanding and to meet the needs of local communities through manifesting innovative products to the market. The core of our business is to have a high-quality solutions and train business partners to facilitate and carefully cultivate a smooth experience to the end consumer through sharing our values with trusted business partners.

What would you define as your company’s Moment of Service™?

To me as part of Jotun I define a satisfying moment of service as when customers choose Jotun products and services in a world full of competition for the simple fact that they trust Jotun as a quality product provider.  This level of trust is gained only by the great effort placed in every part of Jotun’s business operation.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?

As a full time employee, I highly appreciate and value family time and I make sure I enjoy spending time in nature as I was born and raised in a rural village, so I find peace in hiking and camping.

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