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In keeping with the innovation and new initiatives in 2021, we’re introducing a new way to ensure our partners can thrive in their Moment of Service and champion the IFS cause for impeccable customer service.

IFS Partner Success is our commitment to supporting our partners to deliver the best service possible to our mutual customers. Launched at the IFS Global Partner Summit 2021, it’s a framework designed with partners in mind. IFS Partner Success will support partners in delivering expertise of the highest standard in their engagements with customers: streamlining deals throughout onboarding, extension and upgrading of solutions, and ultimately driving new business opportunities through advocacy. Importantly, IFS Partner Success will equip our partners to meet these ends independently, driving even greater scale through the IFS Partner Ecosystem.

It’s the huge business growth from our thriving partnerships that encouraged us to launch this program. With IFS Partner Success, we’re setting our sights on an unrivalled value-driven relationship with partners, with mutual benefits realized through successful engagements, driving increased advocacy and additional business.

We’re committed to supporting our partners to deliver the best Moment of Service to mutual customers. In 2020, 30% of our global business was attained through our partner ecosystem. Year on year, this is only set to increase, so we want to support our partners through structured, consistent, and proactive dialogue.

How does IFS Partner Success work?

The aim of IFS Partner Success is to move from transactional, ‘one off’ engagements to a lifecycle relationship model with our partners. Collaboration is crucial when doing sizeable, complex deals with customers and a proactive working relationship is key to ensuring we deploy the right resources exactly when and where they’re needed.

IFS Partner Success encourages early engagement in the deal lifecycle, so that the necessary expertise is available to meet customer expectation and deliver a positive experience right from the start. This is achieved through our Partner Success Managers who will work directly with partners, supporting planning, preparation and delivery. This structured approach to customer interactions will evolve and develop, utilizing input from our partners and serving as a framework for business.

We offer extensive self-service resources for partners, including the IFS Community, the Partner Portal, and IFS Academy. We also recognize that sometimes a more direct and tailored approach to supporting each partner is needed, which is why IFS Partner Success was created.

IFS Partner Success complements all the enablement, collateral, and resources available to partners; meeting the bespoke needs of each partner, ensuring successful customer engagements, and delivering the Moment of Service. Our aim for IFS Partner Success is that the program will eventually form 80% of our future partner business.

Making it work with IFS Partner Success: Cooper Software

We’ve been working with pilot partners for several months to ensure that the service provided through IFS Partner Success is the best it can be. With that said, we are thrilled that Cooper Software, an IFS Gold Partner, has supported IFS Partner Success, becoming the first GA (Generally Available) signed partner for the initiative.

Cooper Software’s Executive Chairman Frank Cooper says, “We’re delighted to commit to the new IFS Partner Success initiative. We’re not frightened to embrace new initiatives to help differentiate ourselves from the competition, and we see this as another opportunity to take the lead with IFS.”

Cooper Software embrace a holistic and structured approach towards their projects and understand that no business relationship is identical. This is exactly the spirit of IFS Partner Success; our current partner program serves as an all-encompassing guidebook for our varying denominations of partner types, but our new, innovative approach will mean that each partner is treated as an entirely unique entity and will take from the initiative their unique framework to future business.

As one of our longest-standing partners, we salute Cooper Software for embracing IFS Partner Success and look forward to optimizing all partners’ unique Moment of Service, with success for all in mind.

About Cooper Software:

Cooper Software is a leading technology consultancy delivering successful and innovative business change to its clients.

As a systems integration specialist Cooper Software focuses on making its clients’ business systems work harder for them. Whether that’s fitting an ERP system to meet unique business processes, enhancing systems with bespoke applications, or providing round the clock support using specifically developed skills, tools and utilities, Cooper Software has the breadth and depth of technical knowledge to ‘Make It Work’.

Cooper Software is an IFS Gold Channel Partner and a certified IFS Reseller. Since being founded in 2005, it has grown to become one of Europe’s largest independent providers of products, consulting services and 24/7 support for IFS. Cooper Software has provided over 1,500 enterprise and solutions for over 300 clients all over the world.

Cooper Software is headquartered in Fife, Scotland.

For more information, please visit

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