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Business insight from Microsoft, IFS and IDC share what actions you should take to maximize the benefits of the Internet of Things.

Talk of IoT is everywhere. It’s in the news, across social media, a topic of discussion in the office — it’s truly everywhere. But, that shouldn’t come to us as a shock because the Internet of Things (IoT) is a part of our daily lives whether we consciously realize it or not. From mobile devices to buildings to heart monitoring implants to vehicles, these and many other things are all a part of this network of physical objects known as the “Internet of Things.”

How IoT will Impact Business

Webinar: Top 3 Questions to Address When Planning for IoT

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 7
10 AM New York & 3 PM London

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Now that IoT has transformed from a “hot-topic” to a driver of business value, organizations need to start thinking strategically. With IoT driving digital transformation, it’s estimated that 75% of large and mid-size companies will have spent $1.5 trillion on IoT solutions by 2020. That being said, no matter your company’s industry or location, having an IoT strategy in place is crucial. These strategies must set the business goals, define the technology requirements and articulate how IoT will ensure the necessary digital transformation of the company.

In a recent IDC report, “Digital Transformation — An Internet of Things Perspective“, IDC explains how IoT will affect business in the coming years, saying,

“The Internet of Things will inevitably affect companies and organizations as the number of connected endpoints grows exponentially and produces a massive amount of data.”

They also stress the importance of why companies should start formulating their IoT strategy, explaining that, “The explosion in the number of devices and data volumes will drive the need for more enterprise systems to deploy, manage, and make use of these. Establishing interoperability and connectivity standards will be become a priority.”

IoT BenefitsFormulating an IoT Strategy

Before you formulate your IoT strategy, check your data and see how it can be used, evaluate and maybe change processes and IT solutions, and gather advice from experts and those who can share their first-hand experiences with you.

On June 7, 2016, Microsoft, IFS and IDC are putting on a webinar titled, “Top 3 Questions to Address When Planning for IoT,” to share their view on how to effectively realize business value from the IoT. In this webinar you will learn from three industry experts who will share their experience and views on how to embark on this journey — Microsoft from a technology perspective, IFS from a business software perspective and IDC sharing today and tomorrow’s best practices. Registration is free but the insight you’ll receive by attending is invaluable.

Top 3 Questions to Address When Planning for IoT Webinar

The time for action is now. Register today and learn from the experts on how your business can put a strategy in place to maximize the benefits associated with IoT.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016, at 10:00 AM New York / 3:00 PM London

Presented by:

Anders Elbak, Research Manager at IDC Nordic
Anders Elbak joined IDC in 1997 and has been involved in projects covering most areas in the ICT industry, including hardware, software, IT Services and telecoms, giving him an invaluable insight into the overall trends and dynamics in the industry.

Jason Young, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
Jason Young is a Principal Program Manager with Microsoft. He works with commercial ISVs building large-scale technical projects built on Microsoft technologies such as Azure and Windows.

Dan Matthews, CTO at IFS
As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IFS, Dan’s responsibilities encompass researching, formulating, and communicating the strategic direction of IFS Applications.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Insight from Microsoft: Top three things you need to consider when choosing technology
  • Insight from IFS: Top three things to ponder to get the benefits into your business software
  • Insight from IDC: Immediate and strategic implications; top three things you need to think about

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