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IFS Predictions 2024: Enterprise Asset Management

Asset-intensive industries have faced numerous challenges in 2023. However, with advances in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), including AI, organizations are…

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Data scientists: the who, why and how
Data scientists: the who, why and how

Not enough is currently being done to create and nurture the talents required to create a pool of data scientists….

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A&D Digital Transformation: Turning technology into operational & bottom-line benefits
A&D blog post image

Digital transformation is no longer just a technology trend for aerospace & defense (A&D) organizations. It’s a core business approach…

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CeBIT—Digital transformation and IoT are happening now!

Take the opportunity to visit us in person in the IFS booth in Hall 5, Stand G08 at CeBIT 2016….

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2016 Defense trends – the rise of the protected military ecosystem

Four key factors that will change the way defense organizations operate and bring huge changes to military support chains. In…

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Predictions for the manufacturing sector

IFS’s Global Industry Director for the manufacturing sector, Antony Bourne, predicts how three key trends will be impacting the industry…

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The Potential of Wearable Technology in A&D

Any ‘new’ technology has to reduce complexity and workload for military and aviation operators. With the buzz around the release…

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Top 5 Trends for 2014
Top Trends for 2014 according to IFS Labs

It’s that time of the year again – prediction time. Making predictions for the far off future is one thing, making them for next year is something completely different. Harder. More difficult. Higher risk of making a fool of yourself. More of a challenge.

Here at IFS Labs we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge. So here goes; the IFS Labs trend spotting for 2014.

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The Different Personas in the Mobility Community

The mobility trend is now entering a second phase where companies are formulating mobile strategies to benefit from the new mobile technologies. They are now busy replacing old mobile devices with smartphones and tablets, and are equipping their staff with business apps as a new and productive user interface to their business applications.

The business mobility community is diversified and covers a broad range of users. It can be separated into three distinct groups…

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Put IFS Mobile Enterprise Apps on Trial Today

Seriously – I’m challenging you to put IFS on trial today. This week at IFS World Conference 2012, we’ve been sharing our mobility news and future roadmap. One announcement made by Dan Matthews is the launch of seven new IFS Touch Apps, which are free for you to try out today.

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BYOB (Bring Your Own Behavior) is a Driving Factor in the Adoption of Enterprise Mobility Applications

A CFO once said to me when we discussed mobility; “I don’t want an IT-project, I want a business development…

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Microsoft Windows 8 – New and Old Mixed Together
Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

In Los Angeles, using one of the bigger venues available for these kind of events, some 5,000 developers were gathered on Tuesday Sep 13, 2011, for a full day of keynotes from VP’s and Senior VP’s from the Microsoft development departments, showing the latest version of the Windows operating system; Windows 8.

It is clear from the start that Microsoft has a lot riding on this.

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