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How IFS is helping the global consulting community overcome being sidelined by Covid-19
IFS supports consulting community during covid-19

Nobody likes being benched.  You’re a seasoned enterprise software consultant who leads customers through the implementation of the kind of business systems that transform their entire operations – for the better. You…

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IFS Eyes Partnerships to Deliver Innovation
IFS Technology Partners

As IFS looks to expand its reach, the vendor has started actively recruiting partners that can help create and deliver…

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IFS honors winners of annual partner awards program
IFS Partner of the Year Awards

The winners of the 2019 IFS Partner of the Year Awards are announced! IFS is pleased to present the winners of…

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5 reasons to attend IFS World Conference 2019
Five Reasons to Attend IFS World Conference

IFS World Conference 2019 will take place October 7 – 10, 2019 in Boston, MA, and it continues where we…

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